Friday, December 21, 2012

Jesus Christ Reloaded

Jesus wasn't born of a virgin womb, he was born-again from a thigh wound.

Technology is connecting the noetic spiritual to the uncomfortable real. With the stringent empirical values of science, how does a reductionist achieve spirituality?
As we ride this complexity generating engine -reality-, our destiny as one super organism comes clearer into focus. The more we realize our collective existence, benevolence naturally follows suit.
”Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”
Jesus was a collectivist, but there are many questionable magical stories associated with him.

So if any of it is true, how did this magical human come about?
Certainly, someone special actually lived to impact history so profoundly. But what gives about this offensive miracle virgin birth!?  This is a leap of faith many of us are not willing to take.

Jesus, by any other name
Jesus appears in more than the man-made, contradiction filled bible. A few retro-imposters can be named. Let's look at one possible Jesus; the Greek god Dionysus.
Jesus and Dionysus both:
Born on December 25th
Performed Miracles
Plus many more similarities

Some historians claim the stories of Jesus and Dionysus were inspired by the same individual.

There are major similarities, and there are major differences, with the most important difference being the birth process.  Dionysus was born in a very peculiar fashion indeed, but unlike the “virgin birth” which requires a leap of faith into the realm of divine miracles, Dionysus’ birth is at least scientifically plausible.

Ectopic Pregnancy - “The theoretical issue of male ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the uterine cavity) by implantation in biological males has been addressed by experts in the field of fertility medicine, who stress that the concept of ectopic implantation, while theoretically plausible, has never been attempted and would be difficult to justify”-Wikipeadia

According to Greek legend, the human female Semele was impregnated by the god Zeus. Semele dies late in pregnancy from Zeus’s lighting.  Zeus hastily performs a c-section on the fresh dead corpse of Semele.  He then saves the fetus by implanting it in his own thigh (ectopic pregnancy).  A month later Dionysus emerges from his thigh - the “twice born God”

Further mention of this ectopic thigh pregnancy can be found in the Druze faith.
The Fatimid Dynasty of Caliphs
“Pious Shi’ite Muslims believed many legends about Fatima. According to these, when Khadija was pregnant, the Quraysh would not help, so four women from Heaven came down to help: Sara wife of Abraham, Asiya, Mary, and Safira alleged wife of Moses. Fatima allegedly never menstruated, she gave birth through her left thigh, while Mary gave birth to Jesus through her right thigh...Fatima has been called "the mother of her father" by 12’er Shi’ites, (Encyclopedia of Islam vol.2 p.845-846)

Was Jesus the world’s only known successful ectopic pregnancy?

2 dimensional fetus
While Jesus may have been different, the rest of us have just 1 biological mother/host. Our fetal development is traced from 1 mother to child. Sometimes an apparently unconscious incubator is involved. Sometimes we have a surrogate mother, but never in medical history has a fetus been grown in two separate humans. We all were grown in a linear 1 dimensional fetal development line.
If this thigh brith was successful, it very well may have produced an enhanced consciousness.  Someone with not just the 1 physical development connection of mother to child, but developed in two separate humans, giving the offspring 2 dimensions of direct conscious inheritance. Would this create a gifted human?  
There are noetic moments in life when many of us can reflect to our mother, and say to ourselves, ”that's why I am”.

Elephants never forget
Conscious inheritance, or inherited knowledge, is most dramatically exemplified in elephants.  Elephants packs which have been hunted learn to fear humans. One pack went deep into the jungle and adopted a nocturnal lifestyle.  For 3 generations these elephants were not hunted, yet still they did not return to normal elephant behaviors.
In times of terrible drought elephants return to watering holes they only would have known of generations ago.

How did the elephants lend down this knowledge to their offspring? There is a lot of mysticism surrounding the elephant’s intelligence. Could there sheer size and their large ears be a type of antennae, tapping into a collective mind? or do they pass this information down in the womb?

Embodied Consciousness
Organ recipients today very often report picking up cravings and characteristics from the organ’s original host. Transplanted organs have caused stories of sudden urges for previously disliked foods, music, and even one report of a change in sexual orientation.
The human body has nerves throughout.  The entire body is an extension of the brain. Consciousness appears centralized in our brains, yet that consciousness is tiered like an onion, spreading through our bodies, our communications, the world, and ultimately the universe. 
If something as simple as a transplanted kidney can merge a bit of consciousness, what about the intimacy of actually being an organ (a fetus) in someone else’s body? It would induce even more conscious inheritance. 
“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

Jesus Christ, Dionysus, whatever you want to call him- this twice born human happened, and he had a greater noetic understanding of our our collective existence, our brotherhood.

But we killed him, and maybe even today he would find himself a political prisoner at best. He was a fluke born out of desperate primitive surgery, ahead of his time, incapable of surviving amongst the lesser connected. Kevin Kelly concludes in What Technology Wants that you can not introduce major advancements into a under developed society. Previous levels of development must be laid down as a foundation for further growth. Everything is undergoing an evolutionary process, and must grow layer by layer. Be it technology, communications, ecosystems, consciousness, even physics (as proposed by Terence McKenna), everything is an evolutionary process.
Even God is an evolutionary process in the making.

Any mass paradigm shift of consciousness needs a corresponding paradigm shift of technology/communications.
The second coming of Christ will be an all encompassing conscious connection. The second coming of Christ will be part digital, the culmination of all communications; collectivization. The second coming of Christ will be the birth of our collective consciousness.

Consciousness is benevolence. If someone were to act malevolent, we would simply say they have no conscience.

There is no plural word for consciousness. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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