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Psychotronic Warfare...

Your mind being controlled without you knowing it?  An entire geographical region "pacified?" Will this be how the wars of the future will be fought?  In our minds?
It is completely clear that the state which is first to create such weapons will achieve incomparable superiority. Major I. Chernishev, Russian army

What is a psychotronic weapon?  It is a weapon that emits certain electromagnetic frequencies that can affect the central nervous system and the neural activity of the brain, disrupting its normal activities.  This is part of a larger study under several names, electromagnetics, biomagnetics, and others.  Apparently, if reports can be believed, the first uses of psychotronic warfare was by the Soviets during the cold war.  Some synonyms for psychotronics are synthetic telepathy, subconscious brainwashing.  At first when we were writing this article we merged with it the idea of remote viewing.  The ideas evolved into each other in practice, but they are two different things.  Psychotronics is when machines are added to whatever abilities psychics may have.  Thus, we decided to make them separate articles.  We begin with a documentary section from a film entitled, Spies Are Us, from the Discovery Science Series.

In 1998, Lt. Col. Timothy L. Thomas wrote a seminal article entitled, The Mind Has No Firewall in the military magazine Parameters, (Spring 1998, pp.84-92).  It was an attempt to tackle a changing world with changing technologies.  Thomas begins his article with this ominous quote:
The human body, much like a computer, contains myriad data processors. They include, but are not limited to, the chemical-electrical activity of the brain, heart, and peripheral nervous system, the signals sent from the cortex region of the brain to other parts of our body, the tiny hair cells in the inner ear that process auditory signals, and the light-sensitive retina and cornea of the eye that process visual activity.  We are on the threshold of an era in which these data processors of the human body may be manipulated or debilitated.
At the date of this article, Thomas stated that weapons capable of doing this kind of damage to the human body already existed.  He goes further in his elucidation of the situation:
An entirely new arsenal of weapons, based on devices designed to introduce subliminal messages or to alter the body's psychological and data-processing capabilities, might be used to incapacitate individuals. These weapons aim to control or alter the psyche, or to attack the various sensory and data-processing systems of the human organism. In both cases, the goal is to confuse or destroy the signals that normally keep the body in equilibrium.
Thomas quotes the work of a Soviet scientist, Dr. Victor Solntsev of the Baumann Technical Institute in Moscow, who states that the human body must be viewed as an "open system."  As an open system the human body communicates with its environment through electromagnetic, gravitational, acoustic, or other effects.  A change in these effects can change the "psycho-physiological equilibrium."  This is a new kind of warfare.  It does not involve electronic or information warfare as normally thought of.  Yet this kind of new warfare could use the enemy's own equipment to attack him by turning into a transmitter of harmful electromagnetic waves.

Thomas goes on to speak of "informational noise."  This phrase represents signals, messages, images or other items of information.  This noise interferes with an individual's mental capacity in preventing a reaction to external stimulus, rendering that individual useless in a situation of emergency or combat.  Speaking of new kinds of weapons, Thomas mentions lasers, sonic weapons and the like.  He states:
...these technological applications can have many uses. Acoustic weapons, for example, could be adapted for use as acoustic rifles or as acoustic fields that, once established, might protect facilities, assist in hostage rescues, control riots, or clear paths for convoys. These waves, which can penetrate buildings, offer a host of opportunities for military and law enforcement officials. Microwave weapons, by stimulating the peripheral nervous system, can heat up the body, induce epileptic-like seizures, or cause cardiac arrest. Low-frequency radiation affects the electrical activity of the brain and can cause flu-like symptoms and nausea. Other projects sought to induce or prevent sleep, or to affect the signal from the motor cortex portion of the brain, overriding voluntary muscle movements. The latter are referred to as pulse wave weapons, and the Russian government has reportedly bought over 100,000 copies of the "Black Widow" version of them.
Russian Research with Psychotronics
In 1998, a German documentary was made titled, "The Zombies" of the Red Czars.  A transcript was produced.  We will be getting a lot of our information from this source.  According to this documentary, the Russian advances in psychotronic were so far surpassed to American technology that during the surrounding of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco Texas, the American Government asked the Russian expert, a Dr. Igor Smirnov, to bring his psychotronic equipment to Texas in order to pacify the people in the compound so they would surrender.
I wanted to use an appeal by close relatives, from (the cult member's) children and parents. Such as, "Mama come out. We love you very much and are waiting for you." In this fashion I wanted to directly reach [target] every known member of the cult individually in this building. With the help of computer programs these appeals were to be turned into a sound-like signal. While the conscious mind will not recognize these signals the unconscious will react to it. This was to minimize the danger of preventing extreme situations from developing, including a tragic outcome.
The FBI was too impatient and did not wait until Smirnov could install all the equipment:
Three days after our agreement with the chief of the technical services of the FBI, the Americans suddenly changed their decision to wait for one week, which I had asked for so everything could be installed. And they used only one of the agreed upon components, that is, the appeals of close relatives. But in a completely open manner. They installed loudspeakers and began to broadcast everything openly [i.e., in the normal audio mode]. And then the tragedy.
The experiments in Russia that have been performed on unwitting members of the population necessary to achieve this state of perfection have been many.  There are what are called, "Moscow Zombies."
There are thousands of such people in Moscow. This includes victims of "secret experiments", as they say, and victims of the fear of the allmight of an Orwellian "thought police". These victims are represented by Nicolai Ivanitsch. This is the site where the office of this organisation used to be. One year ago, the Soviet authorities withdrew their permit.
President Yeltsin was according to this documentary, attacked by psychotronic weapons, which were right next door to this office. It was removed, but Yeltsin'e health did deteriorate in time.  Dr. Smirnov goes on to show an even more insidious form of subliminal messaging, which cannot be easily detected and almost impossible to prove.  Dr. Smirnov states:
Try to comprehend the danger if this were to be produced by a government-controlled television [station] so that millions of people would be repeatedly exposed to the [subliminal] message for, let's say, each day for at least a month. Slowly but ever so gradually it [the subliminal message] would penetrate the brains.
Another use Dr. Smirnov demonstrated of this subliminal messaging was to build the confidence and reduce the fear of soldiers.  This information can be coded into the most unexpected sonic items:
You can input a suggestive "equation", a "consciously not noticeable fable", as we like to call it, into every conceivable low-frequency sound, for example, into the background sound you can hear in the telephone, even into the sound of a sledge hammer, not to mention the fact that this can be even more easily done with the radio or pieces of music.
The ease with which this technology can fall into the wrong hands is explained by Dr. Smirnov:
What, in my opinion correctly, is feared the most in the entire world, is an invasion into the soul. This couldn't be any other way. After all, it is better to lose the body than [to lose] the immortal soul. It is easily conceivable that some Russian "Satan", or, let's say an Iranian or any other [Satan], as long as he owns the appropriate means and finances, can [could] inject himself [intrude] into every conceivable computer network, into every conceivable radio or tv broadcast with relative technological ease, even without disconnecting [any] cables. You can intercept the [radio]waves in the ether and then [subliminally] modulate every conceivable suggestion into it. If this transpires over a long enough time period, it accumulates in the heads of the people. And eventually, they can be artificially manipulated with other additional measurements to do [exactly] that which this perpetrator wants [them to do]. This is why [such technology] is rightfully [correctly] feared.
These "zombies" do not only exist in Moscow.  There are an increasing number of people who think they are the victims of psychotronic experiments, even in the United States.  There is a website named Mind Justice, headed by Cheryl Welsh.  Reports have begun to surface in China.  Here you can see a list of older newspaper articles from 1976-1996 dealing with psychotronic weaponry.  There are also cases arising in the United States.  Treaties have been signed outlawing the use of these weapons in warfare or on the people of any country by members of the United Nations.

According to a the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists Jul/August 1998 in an article entitled All in the (Russian) mind?, a Lt. Col. Timothy L. Thomas, an analyst at the Foreign Military Studies Office at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, states that the Russians are way ahead of the United States in what he called "psychotronic warfare."  One report according to Lt. Col. Thomas in an article published in 1997 in Military Review, titled, The Age of the New Persuaders, there are reports that the Russians had developed a computer virus that could kill a person while viewing their computer screen.  It was named "virus 666." **  Thomas states:
There are reports that the Russians have developed "Virus 666," which displays certain color and number combinations on a computer screen to affect bodily processes. According to a Russian report delivered by a scientist from the renowned Russian Baumann Technical Institute at an information warfare conference in Washington, D.C., Virus 666 has been responsible for shutting down the bodily functions of more than 50 people, resulting in their deaths.  Can such things happen? Americans are doubtful, because there is no proof computer screens can be used to control or kill people. Most believe such reports are not credible, even though Russian scientists, supported by highly influential people close to Russian leadership, are responsible for the information. IsVirus 666 a Russian manipulation effort to make the United States spend money on countermeasure research and development? Perhaps. Yet in hindsight, man once could not comprehend electricity either, and we should at least consider the possibility of this phenomenon. As the Russians have noted on several occasions, he who makes the first inroads into this area will control the destiny of mankind in the near future.
The source of this information on "Virus 666" come from Vitor I. Solntsev, "Information War and Some Aspects of a Computer Operator's Defense" paper (Washington, DC: Information War conference, September 1996) as cited by Lt. Col. Thomas.  Thomas also stated in an interview that the Russians had more portable psychotronic weapons.

Thomas admits that U.S. researchers have also explored some of the means of mental disruption, but U.S. ideas tend to involve big sticks more likely to destroy than disrupt. The Russians, in contrast, are interested in small, hard-todetect weapons designed for stealth attack-weapons that "aim to control or alter the psyche, or to attack the various sensory and dataprocessing systems of the human organism." In each case, he says, "The goal is to confuse or destroy the signals that keep the body in equilibrium."**
There is much more about Russia's use of psychotronic weapons.

The book entitled,  A clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess, from which, a famous movie of the same name was produced, has scenes of brainwashing by the use of psychotronic weapons.  While the author Anthony Burgess lived, interviews which asked him where he got the inspiration for that scene in the book was ascribed by him to a dream he had.  But in a recent biography of Anthony Burgess, the biographer, Roger Lewis uncovered information that Burgess, had anonymous sources in the British military.  This comes from an article in the newspaper, The Independent on Sunday, October 13, 2002, London (UK), pg. 7:
According to the anonymous source, Burgess became involved with the CIA while working as a Colonial Service education officer in Malaya in the 1950s. There he became a party to trials for a mind-control process designed to trigger emotional responses in the brain using pain and pleasure - the inspiration, it is claimed, for the chilling Ludovico Technique in A Clockwork Orange. The ex-spy's most compelling claim was that a sequence of capital letters seen on Alex's bedroom wall in Chapter 3 of the novel and supposedly lifted from Alex's school trophies is actually an encryption for the location of a US military base where "psychotronic warfare" experiments took place. The coded wording reads: "SOUTH 4; METRO COR-SKOL BLUE DIVISION; THE BOYS OF ALPHA."  According to the spy, the figure 4 refers to the conjunction of four US states, Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico. To the south of this is a military reservation, based in a metropolitan location. The base is a training school (skol in Russian), initially supervised by the US Navy's Blue Division, which experimented with the Alpha waves of the human unconsciousness. Its name was Fort Bliss; the word "bliss" appears repeatedly in the chapter.***
Some of the weapons the Soviets were working on included a psychotronic generator, producing powerful electromagnetic emanations that could be sent through telephone lines, TV, radio networks, supply pipes, and even incandescent lamps.**  In addition the Soviets developed an autonomous generator capable of destroying all living creatures, a nervous system generator designed to paralyze the central nervous system of humans, ultrasound emanations that can carry out bloodless internal operations on the human body without even leaving a mark on the skin, eventually killing the individual, "noiseless cassettes" which emit a low frequency words or sentences that can be picked up by the subconscious mind with subliminal instructions and psychotropic medical preparations to induce trance, euphoria or depression.  Lt. Col. Thomas cites evidence that this kind of research was really going on:
Dr. Janet Morris, coauthor of The Warrior's Edge, reportedly went to the Moscow Institute of Psychocorrelations in 1991. There she was shown a technique pioneered by the Russian Department of Psycho-Correction at Moscow Medical Academy in which researchers electronically analyze the human mind in order to influence it. They input subliminal command messages, using key words transmitted in "white noise" or music. Using an infra-sound, very low frequency transmission, the acoustic psycho-correction message is transmitted via bone conduction.
Thomas goes on to confirm that the Soviets were frantically working on ESP, Clairvoyance, telepathy, telekinesis and psychokinesis. He concludes with a critique of the current American military thinking, which seems to still be prevalent today:
Our obsession with a "system of systems," "information dominance," and other such terminology is most likely a leading cause of our neglect of the human factor in our theories of information warfare. It is time to change our terminology and our conceptual paradigm. Our terminology is confusing us and sending us in directions that deal primarily with the hardware, software, and communications components of the data-processing spectrum. We need to spend more time researching how to protect the humans in our data management structures. Nothing in those structures can be sustained if our operators have been debilitated by potential adversaries or terrorists who--right now--may be designing the means to disrupt the human component of our carefully constructed notion of a system of systems.
The "Moscow Signal" or Woodpecker Generator
In the mid 1980s the Soviet Union was known to be beaming intense microwaves at the United States Embassy in Moscow.  The American government launched protests against the Soviet government to cease and desist from this practice to no avail.  Yet the official government position has been a denial that these were psychotronic weapons.  This letter dated February 24, 2005 written to Cheryl Welsh from R.L. Garwin, IBM Fellow Emeritus and co-author of the highly influential Foreign Relations 1999 and 2004 nonlethal weapons reports, is the present official government position:

Regarding the "Moscow signal," I certainly do not believe that at the level of that signal, there was any effect at all on people. It is very likely to have been a signal for gathering intelligence from the U.S. Embassy.  While it is true that very intense microwave pulses provided by close-in antenna can produce audible sounds directly in the brain, the Moscow signal was very far from the intensity required to produce such effects. In my analyses of the effect of radiowaves on people, I have never found any significant effect other than heating of the tissues....So I don't think there is much in the threat of electromagnetic signals to control or disorient people by the effect on the human brain. Indeed, such stories might serve as a cover for things that we are doing or for information that we don't want to acknowledge having about the other side.
Yet Dr. Robert O. Becker, an expert of research into psychotronics, states things differently, in his book Crosscurrents: The Perils of Electropollution (see below in Amazon carousels):
Control over the scientific establishment was maintained by allocating research funds in such a way as to ensure that only 'approved' projects -- that is projects that would not challenge the thermal-effect standard -- would be undertaken. ...In some instances, scientists were told that nonthermal effects did occur, but that national security objectives required that they be exceptionally well established before they became public knowledge.
All of these reports shared certain characteristics. Scientific data indicating nonthermal bioeffects were either ignored or subjected to extensive and destructive review. ...while a statement such as 'There is no evidence for any effects of pulsed magnetic fields on humans' would have been literally true, it would have ignored the many reports of such effects on laboratory animals and the fact that no actual tests had been conducted on humans.
Scientists who persisted in publicly raising the issue of harmful effects from any portion of the electromagnetic spectrum were discredited, and their research grants were taken away.
Deployment of powerful and exotic electromagnetic systems continues, with little, if any, consideration given to the potential impact of these systems on the health and safety of the public.
On October 30, 1976, the New York Times published an article entitled, Mysterious Signal Upsets Air Waves: A Powerful Radio Beam, Believed to Com From Soviet, Upsets Communications of World.  This article stated that the Soviets had been broadcasting a powerful signal that was disrupting regular communications.  Despite protests from many governments, including the United States, the broadcasts continued.  What the purpose of these broadcasts was has entertained a lot of speculation.

Long before that we know that the CIA under the leadership of Allen Dulles had looked at the cold war in a new way.  Dulles stated in a now famous 1953 lecture given to the Alumni Association of Princeton University this new kind of war was "brain warfare."**  The kind of brain warfare Dulles was referring to at this early date was mostly of a chemical nature, combining sensory deprivation, and drugs.  But the Soviets, were moving into further research, which included the use of electromagnetic waves.

This woodpecker generator (it gets its name from the sound it makes which resembles the tapping of a woodpecker), is based on a for now pseudoscientific theory of "scalar waves."  This theory has been criticized by mainstream scientists.  You can follow their logic here.  There have been personal attacks on one of the main proponents of this theory of scalar waves - Thomas Bearden.  (Some have attacked him for saying that he has a Ph.D.  They claim he obtained his degree from a "diploma mill."  The entire discussion takes place here.  Bearden is a retired Lt. Col. from the United States Army with plenty of engineering experience.  He asks that his books speak for themselves.  We will grant him that privilege.)  According to Jerry Smith in his book entitled, Haarp: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy there has always existed a difference between Soviet and American scientists on the issue of the danger of EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation).**   The Soviet scientists have what they say is extensive evidence that EMR can be very harmful to human health.  American scientists have downplayed its dangers.  This is part of the dangers of cell phones discussion ongoing in the United States.  The mainstream view in the United States is that there is no danger from athermal microwave radiation.

For 40 years beginning in 1962, Americans noticed that their embassy in Moscow was being exposed to a microwave beam from a building across the street.  The CIA asked a Dr. Milton Zaret, an ophthalmologist, to investigate these microwaves.  His investigation was codenamed Project Pandora.  This microwave beam had been pointed most directly at the American ambassador's office.  There is this quote in another book entitled, The Zapping of America (W.W. Norton and Co., 1977) Paul Brodeur quoted a New York Times Article dated for October 30, 1976 which stated that Dr. Zaret was concerned about the Russian signal because of its "potential hazard to human beings," stating that encoding impressed onto the carrier wave-lenghts could have a "central-nervous-system effect."  This quote from Dr. Zaret is very revealing:
This and all subsequent information on the UCLA meeting is taken from the unpublished minutes: "Neurological Responses to External Electromagnetic Energy (A Critique of Currently Available Data and Hypotheses)," co sponsored by the Brain Research Institute, UCLA and the Air Force Systems Command, July 11, 1963, USAF Contract 18(600)-2057. Zapping of America by Paul Brodeur, 1977. [The following comments are by Milton Zaret, an opthmalogist who was paid by the Air Force to examine the eyes of military radar technicians in 1959. Zaret has documented that the posteriour capsular cataract was a "marker disease", " a medical indication", of sustained exposure to low-level microwaves. This finding was hotly disputed by the military. After Zaret published these findings, the Air Force announced it had no intention of pursuing the matter. Dr. Zaret is now bitterly suspicious of the military's motives in this whole business. Zaret believes that the military is eager to suppress studies of low-level microwave hazards.] "By this time, I had been approached on a number of occasions by the Central Intelligence Agency. The contacts were innocuous to begin with. At first, the CIA people wanted to know about research I had performed on the ophthalmological effects of microwave and laser radiation. They also wanted me to analyze some of the foreign and American literature on the subject of radiation for them. In 1964, however, they started asking me about the possible behavioral effects of microwaves. They wanted to know, for example, whether I thought that electromagnetic radiation beamed at the brain from a distance could affect the way a person might act. I said that from what I had read primarily in Soviet literature on the subject it seemed conceivable. During 1964 and 1965, I had a number of visits from a medical doctor who worked for the agency. He wanted to know if a device that took pictures at night with an invisible laser beam instead of a conventional flashbulb was safe to use. When I exposed the eye of a rabbit to the beam I found that it produced an immediate retinal hemorrhage, so I told him that in my opinion the device was not safe. He also wanted answers to a number of theoretical questions. For instance, would a laser beam directed at a listening device planted on a windowsill be liable to injure anyone inside the room that was being bugged? And could microwaves be used to facilitate brainwashing or to break down prisoners under interrogation?"***
Again cited in Smith's book Haarp: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy is this shocking quote:
Public evidence for an attempt at influencing U.S. officials during a visit abroad was presented by Dr. Sidney Gottlieb on September 21, 1977, during testimony before a Senate sub-committee.  Dr. Gottlieb, then retired, had been the CIA's director of mind-control experiments [MK-Ultra and others]...He told the committee that...several members of President Nixon's staff had shown "inappropriate behavior."...including "crying without provocation."...In other parts of the testimony, Gottlieb did include the President himself among those who seemed to be affected by some type of unusual influence.  Gottlieb states, "Not too log ago, in connection with a presidential visit to a potentially hostile country, the President, when he came back described some unusual feeling he and others had and asked if I would be able to give counsel."  (President Nixon visited a "potentially hostile" country, the Soviet Union , in 1972.)***
According to Smith again he states that there existed an Operation Pique in 1978 which attemped to bounce microwaves off the ionosphere in an attempt to "affect mental functions of people in selected areas of Europe."  Dr. Andrew Michrowski in a newsletter from PACE (Planetary Association for Clean Energy) wrote in 1978,
Potentially, almost anything could be inserted into the target brain mind systems, and such insertions would be processed by the biosystems as internally generated data/effects.  Words, phrases, images, sensations, and emotions could be directly inserted and experienced in biological targets as internal states, codes, emotions, thoughts and ideas.***
In case this sounds too spectacular to be true, recent research has been done by Dr. Thomas Jensen and Dr. Donald York, the former a speech pathologist and the latter a neurophysiologist at the University of Missouri using encoded words in electroencephalographic waves.  They:
...have recently reported identifying and decoding twenty-seven words and syllables in specific brain wave patterns and correlating these electroencephalographic patterns with both the spoken word and the silently thought word in about forty subjects. At present, Dr. York and Dr. Jensen are programming a computer with a brain wave vocabulary, to monitor and read the EEG of a stroke victim's brain and help stroke victims who have lost their powers of speech to communicate.**
Here is a chart found in Dr. Bearden's website diagramming how the brain can be "entrained" to lock in with the EMR waves.  In further confirmation of these attacks on the U.S. Embassy there is a Time Magazine article dated May 22, 1976, entitled, Foreign Relations: The Microwave Furor which states:
TIME has learned that the State Department last week decided to launch a full-scale medical investigation of the thousands of U.S. diplomats and their families who served in Moscow since the early 1960s. In the wake of the microwave disclosures, former embassy employees and their families have recalled suffering strange ailments during their tenure in Moscow, ranging from eye tics and headaches to heavy menstrual flows. Some point out that former Ambassadors to Moscow Charles Bohlen and Llewellyn Thompson both died of cancer, within the last two years one other Moscow diplomat died of cancer, and five women who lived there have undergone cancer-related mastectomies—although no medical authorities attribute these deaths and illnesses to radiation.
There is no question that something is being hidden about the use of EMRs.  Would the Soviets spend millions of Rubles on research for nothing?  If you wish to investigate the existence and use of "scalar weapons" further you may go here.  We will discuss this even more when we write about the might be the American duplication of the Soviet Woodpecker - Project HAARP.


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Human auditory system response to modulated electromagnetic energy
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