Social Networks

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Social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and a host of others, are changing the way people communicate.  We are in a new world, where news can travel around the world in seconds, instead of hours.  These networks, cannot be controlled by governments.  They are producing a mass movement of independent journalism, cooperation, shared experience and knowledge.

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The Leaders in Social Networks
Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook is the largest of the social networks by far exceeding 500 million members worldwide.

Tom Anderson
MySpace - Tom Anderson
MySpace is the second largest social networks predating Facebook by several years.  It has been bought by the News Corporation.

Sampo Karjalainen
Habbo - Sampo Karjalainen
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Habbo was designed in 1999.  It is officially called the Habbo Hotel being a virtual hotel.  The hotel analogy is used in this site.  different groups in this "hotel" are "clubs" that people with common interests can join.  At the last mention this network had about 162 million members.  Members get a badge to identify

to others.  There are discussion forums where members can verify their email addresses.  Users can enter the hotel lobby where they can use a chat feature to speak to others.
Michael Birch
Bebo - Michael Birch
Bebo is currently owned by Criterion Capital Partners.  Bebo stands for Blog Early, Blog Often.  Users can post photographs, music, videos as well as blogs.

Ganesh Kumar
Friendster - Ganesh Kumar
90% of the people in Friendster come from Asia.  Friendster has approximately 115 million members.  The company was founded by two computers programmers, Jonathan Abrams, Peter Chin and David Lee in 2002.

Ma Huateng
Qzone - Ma Huateng
By virtue of the fact that this social network is the largest in China, it is large by world standards with about 150 million members and growing.  Users are permitted to write blogs, keep diaries, send photos and listen to music.

Schleir-Smith & Tseng
Tagged - Greg Tseng and Johann Schleir-Smith
Tagged was founded in 2004 to be like a "teen yahoo of the next "MTV."  Users can customize their page as well as upload photos and albums, receive and send messages and send virtual "winks."

Dharmesh Mehta (right)
Windows Live Spaces (formerly MSN Spaces)
This service is run by Microsoft.  It was announced in September of 2010 that this service will be disbanded and be hosted by WordPress.

Pavel Durov
Vkontakte - Pavel Durov
This is the largest social network in Russia with over 102 million members.  It has been seen as a clone of Facebook.  Most of the members are high school and university students.  It is growing with varied age groups.

Reid Hoffman
LinkedIn - Reid Hoffman
LinkedIn was founded in 2002 as a business-oriented social networking site.  As of November 2010 it had more than 80 million members covering over 200 countries.

Ramu Yalamanchi
Hi5 - Ramu Yalamanchi
Founded in 2003, with numbers approaching 46.1 million monthly visitors Hi5 is open for visitors to send and receive messages, upload pictures and play online games among other things.

Joe Greenstein
Flixster - Joe Greenstein, Saran Chari co-founders.
Flixster is a site

where people can share their opinion on movies.  It receives 20 million visitors per day.

Mark Goldston

Classmates - Mark Goldston
Randy Conrads founded Classmates in 1995.  The site was originally founded with the purpose of assisting in the finding of classmates from kindergarten, primary school, high school, college and the United States Military.  It has approximately 50 million members.

Yang Bo
Douban - Yang Bo
This site was founded in 2005.  Users are able to review movies, books and music.  As of September of 2010 it had 10 million members.  It has been heavily censored by the Chinese government.

Badoo - Alexey Andreev (unable to find image)
This site is the most popular in France, Spain, Italy and Latin America.  As of November of 2010 is claims 80 million members.