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Websites on Technology & Politics:

With the last presidential election Barak Obama built up an impressive internet communications network, using Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.  The republicans in 2008, did not take advantage of it.  In the Midterm elections of 2010 however, the Republicans fared much better in their use of technology.  In fact, the Republicans surged ahead in their use of this medium in 2010.  By March of 2010 the Republicans were dominating Twitter.

Whatever party gains control of the social networks next election will most likely master quick and effective communications and thus, will most likely win the election.  We shall see how this will develop.  If you cannot see the embedded video click here:

Websites on Technology & Social Behavior
Just like television affected the behavior of adolescents, so the Internet, mobile devices, social networks, etc., are radically changing the habits and mores of young people.  Some can bemoan it and condemn it, but, they cannot stop it.  Mobile devices will especially be important in the near future.  They are the area of technology which is changing the quickest.  Texting, video calling will increase in importance even more.  If you cannot see the embedded video click here:

Websites for Technology and Education
Education since it deals in general with younger people, will be greatly affected by technology.  This technology is rewiring the minds of people.  They are learning in different, non-traditional ways, which the schools and colleges are still teaching in the traditional way.  The book, for centuries the cornerstone of traditional learning will give way to visual and audio manners of instruction.  Some subjects which traditionally require great focus and concentration will go through upheaval because they will have to share the attention of young peoples focus with other things.  This will require a whole new way of approaching the subject, by professors who understand this new paradigm.  If you cannot see the embedded video click here:

The tablet idea has been around for years.  It did not catch on until Apple introduced their iPad. Now prepare yourselves for a coming flood of these devices from a host of manufacturers.

The laptop, and desktop computer, although still useful, will start to give way to the tablet as the new mainline device for computing.  Although 2010 belonged mostly to the Apple iPad, there will be armies of new tablet products arriving in 2011.  These new tablets will challenge the way people have traditionally worked on computers.  The era of the keyboard will slowly pass, as people get accustomed to the comfort of screen keyboards.

11 Tablet Review Websites
If you cannot see the embedded video here is the link: