Saturday, October 2, 2010

iOS4, Android 2.2 and Rim Faceoff....

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There was a time when the iPhone had no real competition.  In some ways, that may be still be true.  But Google is trying to change that.  The battle of the mobile OSs starts here!

planet Gliese 581g can harbor life...WHO CARES!

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It's 20 light years away. It doesn't matter if it harbors life or not. Even if we could travel there at the speed of light, in 20 years biological life will be considered the boring type...
Ok, I'll admit, it is a bit interesting to me while I'm still made of flesh and bone, but I don't believe flesh will even make it to planet Mars let alone a planet 20 light years away.
Flesh made it to the moon, robots made it to mars, let the luddites be happy flesh made it that far. By the time we can send a flesh and body human being to Gliese 581g the idea of sending such a luddite construct will be absurd.
Soon after we have transcended biology we will be interested in finding other super intelligences that are also spreading throughout the universe, not just simple biological matter.
Epoch 6: The Universe Wake up - Patterns of matter and energy in the
universe become saturated with intelligent processes and knowledge.
-Ray Kurzweil The Singularity is Near
Today Gliese 581g can makes headlines. By the time we get there it will be just another planet, unless something transcends beyond it.