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Remote Viewing Weaponized....

Will our enemy enter our innermost secret installations invisibly and from thousands of miles away?  Will wars be fought by the conscious, bodiless armies of soldiers in a psychic battlefront?

The discovery of the energy underlying telepathic communication will be equivalent to the discovery of atomic energy. L.L. Vasilev
Project Stargate (SRI)

Remote viewing in any military sense really began with the Stargate at SRI (Stanford Research Institute) from the 1970s to 1995.**  This research project was terminated in 1996 and a new research was instituted at Stanford University named, the Cognitive Science Laboratory for the Future.  Although some might see the Stargate Project ending, the present Laboratory sees itself as a continuation of the Stargate Project.  The Stargate project was not s single project but a code name for a series of sub-projects.  At the height of the project there were no more than 22 remote viewers working, while towards the end there remained only three. The remote viewers were only consulted after all other intelligence sources had been exhausted.  It is believed by some, as stated in May 21, 2004 article in the Daily Mail written by Monica Cafferky, entitled, The Psychic Spies, that since the attacks on 9/11 the government is using remote viewers to find the whereabouts of Bin Laden and to ascertain where and when the next attack might come.

The website for the current research project even gives information concerning missions that these viewers were engaged in.  We will cite three examples of missions they were engaged in:
1.  September 1979 - NSC (National Security Council) asked about a Soviet subamarine under construction.  Specifically, they were asked What is going on under this roof?" in a small piece of photo given the Receiver; the roof was (unbeknownst to the Receiver) in the [former] USSR. It was unknown that a submarine was under construction in the building until it was seen over three months later.  The description given to the NSC by the viewer was the following: Very large, new submarine with 18-20 missile launch tubes and a "large flat area" at the aft end would be launched in 100 days.  The reality of what was found with through other sources was two subs, one with 24 launch tubes and the other with 20 launch tubes and a large flat aft deck, were sighted in 120 days.

2.  February 1988 - DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) asked where Marine Corps Col. William Higgins was being held in Lebanon.  The viewers responded, Higgins was in a specific building in a specific South Lebanon village.  The reality of the situation turned out to be a released hostage later said Higgins had probably been in that building at that time.

3.  January 1989 - Pentagon asked about possible Libyan response to U.S. criticism of chemical weapons work at Rabta.  The viewers responded a ship named Patua or Potua would arrive in Tripoli to transport chemicals to an eastern Libyan port.  The reality of the situation - a ship named Batato arrived in Tripoli and loaded undetermined cargo, which it brought to an eastern Libyan port.

There are other missions that were practiced as far back as 1974 against the former Soviet Union.***  The research center even provides the method by which they score the accuracy of the viewing.  For a very skeptical view of the activities of this research institute at Stanford you can read this account given by Ray Hyman, the co-founder of Modern Skepticism.

Famous Remote Viewers In The United States
Ingo Swann
Puthoff, Swann and Targ
Ingo Swann is perhaps the most famous of all the remote viewers.  It was his work that began the funding for the Stargate Project.  He developed more rigorous methods for the evaluation and control of remote viewing experiments, with his coordinate remote viewing, where the viewers, were given a location's geographical coordinates and no other information.  To gain insight into the man you may go here where there is a full copy of his book, Remote Viewing The Real Story: The discoveries and Technical History, The Rise and the Fall, The saga and the Soap Opera, The Strange Circumstances.**  This work was led by a team of scientists, Russell Targ and Harold E. Puthoff.

Uri Geller
Another famous remote viewer, although controversial is Uri Geller.  Both Targ and Puthoff attested to his abilities in an article in the magazine Nature.

In 1996, the Stargate Project was closed.  A lengthy article was published by Edwin May in the March 1996 issue of The Journal of Parapsychology: Vol. 60, Iss 1; pg.3.  This article defended the work of SRI and insinuated that the CIA wanted to kill the program, not because it did not accomplish anything, but because of political considerations.

Rejecting the Star Gate program on the basis of an incomplete and incorrect analysis not only creates a false legacy, it does not easily allow for other organizations in the public or private sector to assume responsibility for a new version of the program. Aside from setting the record straight, I felt obligated to show that, as the result of their flawed methodology, the CIA/AIR greatly underestimated the statistical robustness of the research results and significantly undervalued the potential for AC in intelligence operations.
Joseph McMoneagle
Another original remote viewer was Joseph McMoneagle.   He was considered one of the most accurate of the viewers, which meant getting approximately 3 out of every 10 assignments correct.  This was considered to have statistical significance and not just within the realm of chance.  He was written several books which are highly regarded within the community, listed below in the Amazon carousel at the end of this article.

Another remote viewer was Pat Price. He was one of the original viewers in SRI.  He died in 1975 of a heart attack.*  Price was a former police officer, who made the famous discovery of a secret Soviet military base in Siberia.  He also claimed to have found the location of four extraterrestrial bases on the Earth.**  Ingo Swann and Pat Price became part of Project SCANATE, which was a precursor to SRI in 1973.***  In the beginning, they both made many errors, but gradually increased in accuracy.  In a quote from Dr. Targ:
This trial was such a stunning success that we were forced to undergo a formal Congressional investigation to determine if there had been a breach in National Security. Of course, none was ever found, and we were supported by the government for another fifteen years.
With the death of Pat Price, Project SCANATE ended and Project Stargate began.  After the closing of Stargate, the top members of the team formed a private company, PSI Tech, which has trained many to remote view, is still around.

Remote Viewers in the Soviet Union and China
It was the Soviet Union that pulled ahead of the world in the area of remote viewing.  One name that seems to be highly regarded in remote viewing circles is Tim Rifat.  We could not learn much about him.  He is the author of several books which are listed in Amazon.  On Amazon's site, it is claimed that Rifat is an expert in RV (Remote Viewing) and runs a company in Europe, entitled, Paranormal Systems Management.  We could not find this company listed on the Internet.

Vladamir Bekhterev
According to Rifat in the 1920's there was a lot of research done in the area of parapsychology in the Soviet Union.  When Stalin took power, in 1937, he ordered it stopped, due to its possible conflicts with the materialism current in the Soviet ideology.  Researchers such as Vladamir Bekhterev (Bekhterev may have been killed by Stalin after he diagnosed him with extreme paranoia see here), A.G. Ivanov-Smolesky, and B.B. Kazhinsky were studying the brain and how it worked, including aspects of how it could be conditioned.  At that time the phrase "remote viewing" was unknown, having been penned in the 1970s by the researchers working on Project Stargate.  During these times in the Soviet Union and in Europe, this research would have been called "electromagnetic bio-information transfer."**

After the death of Stalin parapsychological studies slumbered until fictional reports surfaced in the French media in the 1960s of telepathic communications between individuals in the United States and the nuclear submarine Nautilus.  The Russians then awakened their research with the influence of Leonard Leonidovich Vasilev (1891-1966), a professor of Physiology in the University of Leningrad.  He published several books (listed below in the Amazon carousel), among them Mysterious Phenomena of the Human Psyche, 1959 and Experiments in Mental Suggestion, 1962.***  By 1973, the Soviet government was spending 20 million rubles in a nationwide effort, which propelled them far ahead of the West in telepathy.  According to Rifat, they had by this time already organized teams of physiologists, physicists, psychologists, mathematicians, cyberneticians, neurologists and electronic engineers to investigate telepathy and conduct experiments in long-range thought transference.

In 1963, Vasilev claimed to have achieved repeatable, long distance telepathic communication between Leningrad and Sevastopol with the aid of a UHF radio transmitter. This research spread to the rocketry with the statement, by K.E. Tsiolkovsky that, "In the coming era os space flights, telepathic abilities are necessary.  While the space rocket must bring men toward knowledge of the grand secrets in the universe, the study of psychic phenomena can lead us toward knowledge of the mysteries of the human mind.  It is precisely the solution of this secret which promises the greatest achievements."  Although this may sound strange to most readers, it should be noted that Edgar Mitchell made 150 separate attempts to project his thoughts from inside the Apollo 14 flight to the moon in 1971 with success according to him.

Aleksei Leontiev
Alexander Ivanov, produced a startling paper (for a partial listing on Soviet work in parapsychology look here) in the International Journal of Parapsychology about eyeless vision.  It was based on previous experiments conducted at the Odessa Institute by the parapsychologist Aleksei N. Leontiev (1903-1979).  In these experiments, he attempted to train the blind to distinguish colors by merely their touch.  He claimed that they could distinguish between black, white, red and green paper.  After this was achieved, he then proceeded to teach them to "see" pictures through touch.  This then progressed to being able to travel distant rooms and describe their layouts, thus attaining psychic viewing.  Ivanov's research, studied the idea that energy fields were imprinted on matter.  He attempted to attach harmful energy fields to objects, thus using them as poison to sicken an enemy.**

From these researches, the Soviets attempted to increase the amplitude by doing their remote viewing in the theta state of rest.  This state was thought to produce an enhanced ability at paranormal activity.  Hypnosis, drugs and meditation were tried to inculcate the theta state of consciousness.  Schumann's resonance, was thought to produce even more enhanced abilities.  It was rumored that they could even produce remote killings and the influencing of large numbers of people.

The Soviets apparently figured out how to block American psychic viewers from entering their secret areas.  They used a Tesla coil for this purpose.  According to Rifat:
These anti-remote viewing devices are now widely deployed in the top-secret bases of not only Russian but US underground military and research facilities.  In an off-the-record interview, a retired US Special Forces, CIA trained, PSI-warfare expert involved in the remote-viewing program discussed this anti-remote-viewing technology.  He attested to the fact that by the end of the century, the US will have totally effective anti-remote-viewing devices in all their top-secret installations, so concerned are they about the effectiveness of remote viewing and remote influencing.***
Rifat claims to have a Department of Intelligence Agency document which specifies that the Soviets were accomplished at projecting the energy of the body to the location viewed and performing psychokinesis (telekinesis).  It gets more spectacular than this.  According to Rifat, the Soviets had successfully "apported" objects.  Apporting was the abduction of objects from one location to another without physical means.  The apported object was teleported from a remote location by a direction of energy by an individual.  According to Soviet reports these projections of energy sometimes produced luminous clouds in the room to which the energy was projected.  Thus the mind converted these objects to "force-matter," disintegrating it and reintegrating it at the will of the remote viewer.  One such spectacular psychic was Nina Kulagina.  She was supposedly able to alter the heart of a Frog.  She repeated the experiment on a skeptic psychiatrist.  It was interrupted by the technicians before he would go into cardiac arrest.

Dr. Milan Ryzl
There was the additional investigation into telepathic scanning.  The idea was to ask a question to the targeted individual which that individual would think was being asked by himself.  He would then give the answer to himself and the psychic intruder would receive it.  The targeted individual would never know that the question was asked by someone else beside himself.  The Soviets even found ways to tap into telepathic conversations between remote viewers.  They learned how to not only break the ESP data stream but change it with new ideas or words, thus "hacking into" these telepathic communications.  Doctor Milan Ryzl, a Czech Biochemist at the Czech Institute of Biology did years of extensive research into PSI.  He eventually defected from Czechoslovakia  along with his family and his valuable library.**  The Soviets, like the Americans also used dowsing in military operations in Vietnam.

We have only scratched the surface of all the investigations that were done by the Soviet regime.  Thousands of Russians and foreigners as well as American politicians such as Richard Nixon, were experimented on without their knowledge.  Many all over the world are awakening from these experiments and coming forward.  One site which is trying to document all of this supported by Cheryl Welsh, titled Mind Justice.  It is a tremendous resource in this area.

This is an astonishing documentary produced in the 1990s and hosted by Roger Moore.  You can watch the video here (it required me to log into my youtube account to see it, you may either need to log into yours or create one for free):

One wonders what Christopher Nolan the director of the recent movie Inception knew when he made the film, especially in light of what is stated in the movie about the power of a human idea and human dreams.  Watch:

According to an article in the science-fiction magazine Omni, dated January, 1985, by Marcello Truzzi, thousands of Chinese children had developed psychic abilities.**  Some examples, were verified by scientists from the Chinese government.
One skill the children were able to develop was ‘psychic writing’, a technique where they were asked to imagine some written words on a blank piece of paper inside a closed pencil case. The case would be opened a short time later and on it were the words written in pencil. A girl from Shanghai called Xiao Kiong was the first to demonstrate this ability and so in 1981, EHF researchers at Yunnan Wenshan Teachers’ College in Yunna Province selected 5 children with EHF for further training. It was soon found that when blindfolded, these children were able to see with their ears, nose, mouth, tongue, armpits, hands or feet. These tests were not right just some of the time, they were flawless. American new-age magazine Omni got involved when the tests were set up to check there could be no cheating.
More demonstrations were made which astounded the observers, both scientific and civilian.
From a stack of books one was selected, then opened at random and a page was ripped out and crumpled up in to a small ball. It was placed in the armpit of one of the children - and the child could read every word on the page perfectly. After many more tests Omni magazine became convinced these kids were for real. But Omni were not the only ones present. Zhu Yiyi, editor of Shanghai’s Nature Magazine, a prestigious science journal also witnessed these events.
 One experiment was done in front of thousands by a little girl.
On another occasion, a thousand people were sitting in an auditorium and were each given a rose-bud. A six-year-old girl came on stage and with a silent wave of her hand; the thousand rosebuds would slowly open to fully blossom into beautiful roses before the eyes of the astonished audience. Another child would take a sealed bottle off a shelf at random and place it at the centre of a table. After a few moments the pills passed through the glass bottle and settled on the table. In many cases, the child would then take another object, such as a coin, put it on the table and it would pass back into the sealed bottle.

The Men Who Stare at Goats - The First Earth Battalion
The men who were involved in these efforts to reform combat operations, were lead by now retired Major General Albert Stubblebine.  This entire project however was inspired by the writings of a Lt. Col. Jim Channon.  In 1979, he wrote a field manual for a mythical army unit named, the 1st Earth Battalion.  According to Channon, this new age approach to military doctrine was inspired by events developing in China. Channon's view is that the modern American soldiers should be a warrior-monk, with the spiritual awareness of a monk and the combat skills of a warrior.

Some of his points are out of the norm for the military to say the least.  He recommends mongolian massage as physical preparation, hypnotherapy for snipers, acupressure for combat first aid without medicine or equipment, the use of psychotronics to disrupt the enemy with noises and loud music. For master battle strategies, he proposed non-linear thinking.  He modeled these battle strategies after people like George Gurdijeff, Richard Bandler, and John Grinder (the last two being the co-founders of Neuro Linguistic Programming).  You may watch the video (Crazy Rulers of the World) which features him as well as General Stubblebine produced by the author of the book, Men Who Stare At Goats, Jon Rhonson.

Ganzfeld Experiments
The remote viewing program in the military wen through phases.  Commonly, they would get what were called the "hopeless" cases, which other intelligence sources could not penetrate.  In a 2009 English paper, Mail Online, an article by Dr. Danny Penmann, explained how some of these remote viewing sessions were performed.
...Stanford played host to more than a dozen psychic spies and their skills were even demonstrated to President Jimmy Carter when they were used to search for a downed aircraft.  The remote viewers used a deceptively simple method based on what is known as the Ganzfeld technique.  The psychic spies induced an altered state of consciousness by seating themselves in a soundproof room and wearing earphones playing white noise. Ping-pong balls sliced in half were placed over their eyes to obscure vision. The room was then bathed in soft red light.  The map coordinates or an image of the 'target' would then be placed in an envelope and handed to the viewers. They would be allowed to touch the envelope, but forbidden from opening it.  Locked in their meditative trance, the psychic spies would then experience pictures, feelings and impressions of the target, which might be located thousands of miles away.  To the uninitiated, this approach may sound little better than guesswork. But the scientists investigating remote viewing found it to be surprisingly accurate and the military took it on with enthusiasm.**
The army wanted more from these psychic powers than remote viewing.  It wanted this focused psychic energy directed for the purpose of killing, a weaponized psychic.


It seems to us that most of these events did occur.  There is simply too much evidence to deny it.  What kind of world will these techniques produce?  Will our minds be a new battlefield for control of the human race?  P.S. Since writing this article I received a note from one of our readers JediPD@twitter that experiments had been conducted using Faraday cages with remote viewing.   The remote viewing was able to be accomplished, which demonstrated that the energy that was sent from the remote viewers mind could not have been electrical since it penetrated the cage.  Thanks JediPD!  We will cite the two books JediPD gave as evidence in the Amazon carousel at the end of this article.

CIA Remote Psychic Viewing
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