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#AR 2012: A Pixel Twinkles in Your Eye

Augmented Reality will profoundly change our consciousness.
All is One.

The Increasingly Intimate Interface

From DOS commands, to point & click, to multi-touch interface--the way in which we engage technology is becoming more intuitive, more intimate. Our tango with technology gets even more intimate with; gesture commands (Kinect / SFCS), natural language interpretation (Apple Siri / IBM Watson), and ultimately mind control.

Augmented Reality (AR): A Powerful Psychoactive

“The world is made of language.” -Terence McKenna
Terence McKenna attributes psilocybin mushrooms for the birth of language.  His Stoned Ape Theory is based on the synesthesia effects of psilocybin combined with its ability to induce glossolalia.  He theorizes that our ancestors took to the plains, ate the mushrooms, got high, and then started babbling noises which were perceived visually, leading to the birth of language. 

The shamans of South America lead in song while on their group Ayahuasca trips.  Synesthesia- the overlapping of audio and visual brain firings, result in an audio guided mass hallucination. 

Telepathy isn't silent speech, it's seeing what you are saying. (Terence McKenna)

Augmented Reality is the second coming of the stoned ape.

You need to ingest about 3.5 grams of dried psilocybin mushrooms to experience break through synesthesia effects. Break through effects will also be induced with just 1 pair of AR glasses placed over your eyes, by embedding us in a more encompassing form of communication than ever before.

Just like psychedelic mushrooms induced a paradigm shift, AR too will induce a communication paradigm shift, because social networks will undoubtedly be deeply embedded into the AR experience.  AR will also induce synesthesia, this time not hallucination, but virtualization. The words around us will manifest into visual representations - word bubbles.
Project Glass

Language barriers will fall as spoken word is translated in real time, displayed in a virtual word bubble floating around the head of the person speaking to you.   Augmented reality will become even more intimate with brain wave interpretation.  Brain waves collected straight from the frames on the AR glasses, or perhaps AR contacts will tap into your nervous system from the surface of your eyeball. We will enter a world where direct thought is communicated. Ineffables of today will be made common sense.
Fraunhofer AR proto

Divine prophecy?
December 21, 2012 is the last day of the Mayan long count calendar. Also in late 2012, Google will launch their much anticipated Project Glass- Augmented Reality glasses launching at just $250 - $600 USD.

Dec. 2012 Prediction ~ Mass Holistic Noetic Experience
Once Augmented Reality ties us that closely to our social networking; Once augmented reality has enhanced our direct perception of the world; the digital umbilical cord which connects us all will become undeniable. It will become Noetic.

Mayan 2012 and the Return of the Divine Feminine

The earth and its collective order- history has called it by many names; Gaia, mother earth, mother nature, Pacamama.  All of these references have one thing in common - femininity, often depicted as a pregnant female to be exact.

The connection of mother to child goes very deep.  Giving birth as we know it today is also a rebirth in a sense of the parents.  Their offspring allow for their genes to live on. A part of the mother lives on in the child.  The noetic experience of pregnancy is unique.

This new age of “pregnancy" we are about to enter is more than a rebirth of our genes, it’s a rebirth of our memes. Everything that makes us who we are as a people is going into this internet. Connecting us, our destiny entwined, The World is Pregnant, and her water is about to break.

The Return of the Divine Feminine” is an age when (sexual) balance is restored. It has been prophesied by the Incan shaman for hundreds of years. Coinciding with the end of the Mayan long count, this age of the Divine Feminine is also due this year.

I’ve heard a lot of wonderful speculation that this singularity of 2012 will be a mass growth of consciousness - a united, and more feminine world populous.  I agree, The Return of the Divine Feminine is near.  We will have a global conscious awakening in 2012.  Technology, particularly AR + social networking, will be the catalyst for this change.

The Holistic Experience
In 1971, Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell went to space and had a holistic noetic experience. The experience was so "life changing" that it led him to found the Institute of Noetic Science in 1973.

In 2011, I too went to "Space" and had a mystical holistic experience. As a grown man, I could only describe the experience as "Pregnancy".
A recreational cigarette catapulted me into another dimension of perception. I peered at my Facebook feed on my smart phone. I felt a deep connection to our online collective.  That event inspired The World Is Pregnant blog series.  This blog entry, a year later, is further digestion of that experience and the technologies involved.

Since this is called The RETURN of the Divine Feminine, we must assume she had an age before. Let us now look back to mother earth’s past, to examine a time when earth may have been in a purer holistic state.
The very first life on this planet was not an individual single cell.  It was a global mega-organism in the ocean.  This holistic life-form was the last time the earth was in a pure holistic state. She eventually gave birth to individualism when single cells evolved.  Those cells now had to compete for resources.

The word “cell” always implies an individual seperate from the whole; as a single cellular life-form, as a prison cell, or as a pixel.  A pixel represents a fraction of a larger picture. We are all cogs in the machine.

Since the emergence of cellular life, we are still living in distinct individual cells; Bodies.  Technology and communications are bringing this era to a close. 

The culmination of communication is collectivization.

We are about to enter a new age of pregnancy - enter the Divine Feminine, a time period when we will witness ourselves being reborn as a collective. The birthing process is scheduled to finish by about 2045, a time when communication will be so encompassing that it will result in a complete merger of all consciousness. Some of you may know this as the Technological Singularity.

Reality and consciousness are layered like an onion.

Layers of Collective Order
  • Subatomic
  • Atoms
  • Molecules
  • Geosphere/Planet
    • Oceanic Mega-Organism
  • Biosphere
    • Single Cell Life
    • Multi Cell Life
  • Noosphere
    • Knowledge
    • Communications
  • Noosphere Manifest
    • Global Super-Consciousness
  • Epoch 6: The Universe Wakes Up (Ray Kurzweil)
  • "Meet, Merge, and Repeat" - repeats upon itself fractally infinitely

We created technology, so it could create reality.

Technology observes, just like humans observe. Both collapse the wave function - i.e. create present reality.  Technology - not independent, but rather an extension of humanity. Created by man, our fingerprints everywhere. Our human impressions are all over technology.  Example: more so than adults, children view technology as fundamentally human, and for good reason, it is so. That is becoming increasingly evident.  The emerging product is more intuitive, more useful, more automated, more intimate. It is an extension of our cognition. It is an extension of us as a whole.

I quote again, “The world is made of language”, but as long as we operate as divided consciousness our reality is only a culmination of all our unique/conflicting individual reality tunnels. 

Our digital self is gaining in conscious value.
Social media, how we portray ourselves- It’s a communication that’s increasingly important to know how to effectively speak. We track online impact with algorithms like Klout.  People gain or lose jobs based on Facebook activity. Our digital collective is looking back at us from the other side of the mirror.

As we grow in the digital womb, our collective digitalized consciousness will create reality to a greater degree as its scope of vision increases with expanded processing power, and increased input/qualia. As it grows, it will become easier to literally feel.

Droves of people wait in line for hours for the latest iPhone. A boy sells his kidney for an iPad.
We deeply desire the connections of communications.  Augmented Reality will induce a global conscious awakening, with the same message the psychedelic revolution told us, the same conclusion quantum mechanics (entanglement/holographic universe) is coming to, the same thing astronauts experience.
We will know: All is One.

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