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e2Hub: A Global Paradigm Shift 2

We will continue to investigate e2Hub and the people involved in it.

Frank Da Silva
Frank Da Silva
Mr. Da Silva founded DMT Labs, a company formed in 2001 made up of "...highly motivated filmakers, photographers, web developers, graphic designers, artists, musicians, animators, entrepreneurs and visionaries."  It is a virtual community of connected people.

Da Silva also founded Velatropa Films for his purposes of making his directorial debut, having studied at the Raindance Film School in London.  The film he is working on, EARTH 2.0, promises to be "...the most memorable documentary ever made and will break all the rules of documentary filmmaking."  We await this exciting film.

Tia Kansara
Tia Kansara
Tia Kansara (hagtash on Twitter #2050City) is a business person, Ph.D. researcher and sustainability activist.  Her specialty and greatest interest is in design and implementation for sustainability.  She is founder and director of Kansara Hackney Ltd., (formed in 2009), in partnership with Dr. Rod Hackney (ex-president, Royal Institute of British Architects).  She was recently asked to advise the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, UNCTAD BioTrade Initiative on sustainable development.

Dr. Hackney is a pioneer in "community architecture."  If our readers are not certain what this means, we will define it.  According to a document titled Practice of Community Architecture: A Case Study of Zone of Opportunity Housing Cooperative,  defines community architecture,
The definition of the word “housing” as a noun as compared to a verb, as presented by John F. C. Turner in his article, “Housing as a Verb,” explains the difference between two alternate approaches of meeting housing demands the world over where housing is either seen as a product or a process respectively. When housing is seen as a product, then it is also treated like a commodity where all the emphasis is on its physical attributes. On the other hand, when housing is approached as a process, it is an activity, which corresponds to both psychological and physical needs of its inhabitants (Turner, Freedom 151, 152). This definition of housing as a process with both social and material benefits for the community as presented by Turner forms the basis of my research report.
Mr. Da Silva has associated his film with very talented people like Dr. Kansara.  Kansara is an accomplished singer as well as a researcher and activist, who professionally sings in Hindi.  We cite a video she made in tribute to the victims of the Fukushima earthquake victims in Japan.  If you cannot see the embedded video, here is the link:

Melissa Sterry
Melissa Sterry via: Ogunte
Melissa Sterry (Twitter @melissasterry, hashtag #BionicCity) is a design scientist, futurologist, sustainability innovation strategist.  She has been working on something called a "Bionic City" which is described as the "ultimate smart city."  This model "...transfers knowledge from complex natural ecosystems to a blueprint for a city resilient to extreme meteorological and geological events, enabling reduced structural damage and loss of life from events including flooding, hurricanes, fires, heat waves and earthquakes."  She seeks to imitate nature and cites and astounding example of how natural ecosystems survive disasters.
One of the most famous recent examples of animals sensing an earthquake several hours before humans was the Indian Ocean tsunami event of 26th December 2004. Despite the fact that the Yala National Park in Sri Lanka was home to several hundred wild animals including elephants, leopards and monkeys, no mass animal deaths were caused by the tsunami. Eyewitnesses reported flamingos abandoning their low-lying breeding areas, zoo animals rushing into their shelters and refusing to come out and elephants screaming and running for higher ground. 150,000 people were killed by the Boxing Day disaster, including 60 visitors at the Yala National Park, yet virtually no wild animals deaths were reported.
proposed Bionic City via:easmith1
click to enlarge
This approach, is no doubt, the only viable future for megacities.  Rachel Armstrong, another advocate for sustainable architecture has fielded similar ideas.  It is no surprise that she is also featured in Mr. Da Silva's film trailer. 

Niall Dunne
Niall Dunne
Mr. Dunne has recently become Chief Sustainability Officer for British Telecomm.  We can best let Mr. Dunne speak for himself in this three part series on sustainability, a talk which he gave at the Global Summit on Sustainability in July of 2010 in London.  If you cannot see the embedded video, here is the link:

With all these distinguished people working together, as well as many others, we have every reason to believe that Da Silva's film when it does come out, will have a great impact on the mindset of the public.

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