Thursday, October 27, 2011

e2Hub: A Global Paradigm Shift 1

Since the industrial revolution, the western mindset has been that man must impose his own world on nature.  This creates a mindset of conqueror and conquered,  victor and vanquished.  Is it time for us to live in peace with our environment?

Just like for an individual, perhaps even more difficult is trying to change old harmful habits.  This is precisely what Frank Da Silva and others are trying to do with humanity.

We, as a race, must learn to live in harmony with nature as opposed to tension with it.  We must remember that we are a part of nature.  And despite our technological accomplishments, we are still ultimately at the mercy of rest of nature.  To that end, Frank Da Silva has formed e2Hub.  He and his organization aim to influence the minds of people worldwide, towards a new way of seeing themselves and the world around them.
I don't divide architecture, landscape, and gardening to me they are one. Luis Barragan

Mr. Da Silva has chosen short films as the method of choice to convey this vital message.  And indeed it makes perfect sense, since film has become the medium of our generation with the most impact.  In an email to us Mr. Da Silva stated,
Earth 2.0: Initialization series of short films marks the beginning of this ambitious undertaking and also serves to convey the innovative look and feel of Earth 2.0's media output aiming to re-establish a harmonious relationship between humanity and nature, using art, science and digital creativity.
But we shall let Mr. Da Silva explain himself with this video.  If you cannot see the embedded video here is the link:

This will include a revolution in the way our cities will exist.  Some of these new ways of seeing out cities have been covered in articles we have written about Rachel Armstrong and can be seen in the links to other posts seen at the end of this one.  
Gross national happiness is more important than gross national product. King Jigme Singye Wongchuck Royal Kingdom of Bhuton

We quote from the short film Earth 2.0 Initialization, shown above this moving quote:
Our world is governed by technology.  Technology can be used for good or for ill.  Modern high speed aircraft can deliver explosives or they can deliver humanitarian aid.  Drought resistant genetically modified crops can either feed people or if made sterile for yearly replacement, they can enslave people to the company that makes them.  What ultimately runs our technology is our value system.  One set of values will use technology to exploit people and planet alike.  Another set of values will use technology to boost our collective well being.  Earth 2.0 champions the use of eco-friendly, human-friendly technology.  As we all live together under one bio roof, no one should be excluded.
We doubt we will find many who would oppose this agenda.  We certainly support it.  In our next post, in this series, we shall post more videos produced by e2Hub. 

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AmaterasuSolar said...

Add free energy and the need for money (and the consumerism-driven economy) will dissipate, things will be made to last rather than be made to break to ensure future sales, and We will become far less a burden on Our planet's resources.