Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Singularity IS A Religion!

Lately, critics have been labeling the Singularity a religion. The Singularitarians themselves typically respond negatively to this accusation. But why are they shying away from letting it be called a religion? Are they doubting progresses' potential?

For us, the Singularity can not only reach, but will exceed biblical proportions.
Singularity - The moment we merge our consciousness.

Heres a few reasons why Singularitarianism trumps faith.
1. Morals - The nature of benevolence is creative. The nature of evil is destructive, thus evil dies out naturally.
If we need to rely on supernatural events to guide us, or save us, and not consciousness being able to carry itself. That is the sign of a hopeless consciousness; a consciousness which has rejected the scientific method as means to achieve mental comfort. For the first time in history, biblical like miracles are actually being realized through technology. We are in the twilight hours of the singularity. It is about to rise with the brightness of a sun.
It is acceptable and understandable that for eons humanity was able to crawl onto their deathbed with religion by their side, sadly they had nothing else in sight.

2. Ascending from Apes vs. Descending from god(s). This dichotomy always felt bothersome. Isn't it a bit of a put down to have been created by such a superior being. Why didn't God create a peer?
The only reconciliation would be Terrance McKenna's Strange Attractor. Wherein as we move forward through time, the possibility of god like power comes closer and closer to being actualized. Something of such non-linear power will only pull us closer to creating itself.

3. Heaven - Every consciousness is covered, yet good will is encouraged in the Meet, Merge and Repeat hypothesis. This meaning of life hypothesis holds consciousness as the most valuable "thing" in the universe/multiverse. The main goal is to appease all consciousness through increased merging of consciousness, even deceased.

What is contemporary religion left with?
Singularitarianism will bump off faith, as it takes center stage as most plausible. The word singularity will become a household name by decades end. Kurzweil projects it happening in 2045. The lines between work and play will become obscured somewhere in the 2020's. We believe this will be largely aided by augmented reality.

This moment of hypothetical immortality, combined with a blurring of work and play. The world will be so smart and under control. The world will get friendlier. This is what it will be like in the transitional period between now and achieving Godhood/Singularity.

Imagine augmented reality thats based on your current environment. Imagine flipping playing cards, or even collectable card games, like UFS cards from the touch screen of a cell phone. Your e-deck of cards will be stored online, accessible through your phone's internet connection. Augmented reality cards fly out and neatly arrange on the table. You can pick them up, interact with them in a quasi real/gui menu interface.

Imagine a touch door fridge. All the items are identified by the fridge, including details such as amount of product left, and expiration dates. It will be able to suggest possible dishes to cook. Smart cabinets will also identify; rice boxes, caned vegetables, whatever. Because BT/wifi/4G imbedded into cardboard will be cheap enough to be disposable. The parts which require human interaction will have been fine tuned to human experience so intimately that they will be a pleasure to perform.

A world so friendly and smart, you won't be living inside of technology. You will be living inside of Thought! Here's an example from today; just look at the desk chair you sit at now. Its designed with human interaction as the intended result. Designed to be visually aesthetic and have a comfortable seat. The edges are rounded to avoid injury, while still having enough tactile strength to support a human's weight. This intelligently designed chair is a piece of materialized human thought.

Our Prediction
When it becomes more evident, more people will start to question if they are living in thought. In a very connected, virtual-real hybrid world. The world will become more cartoonish. I guess the best way to experience it today would be a Nintendo Wii game experience. We recommend something along the lines of Guinness World Records the Videogame.
Implementation of augmented reality games will overlay real worldly tasks. Imagine packers in a warehouse playing a game with the goods, racking up points with combos. Or, imagine cartoon germs jumping around on your dishes as you wash them off. There will be free augmented reality apps for work, and paid apps for easing personal tasks. The next step will be automation to the point of labor disappearing completely.

We've explained in detail how we can step towards heaven, but perhaps you still somehow find "love" in that religion of yours. While that may feel nice, just remember, through technology we will increase our capacity to love. We will discover new kinds of love, and reshape them to perfection. Just like we humans now have types of love; motherly, family, significant other. Us Singularitarians will find out if there is any limit to love. We may find out if something new, yet undiscovered, could even eclipse love.

And to those humanists, wherein somehow human spirit is simply unbeatable.
We agree, it is the best we have thus far, but let us give you a biological example of something potentially greater. Say some colony based life forms evolved to intelligence and emotions: Ants.
Don't you think emotion, and brotherly love for one another would actually be MORE important to them, than it would be for humans. An emotionally evolved ant will possibly find love and compassion such a deep part of their psyche, that it will surpass that of human capacity.
If it can be achieved biologically, I see no barrier to it eventually being achieved via technologies.

Technology is made by us, for us. To comfort conscious existence, and to achieve our wildest dreams.
If a man named Jesus Christ suffered and died on the cross 2000 years ago, then we must alleviate him from his unwanted sufferings. Ultimately, we must appease all conscious experiences; past, present and future.

Second Thoughts
I know what some of you must be saying right now; The singularity is not based on blind faith, but rather historic exponential evidence. If this is your definition of religion, then the Singularity is not a religion. However, if your definition of religion is that which brings answers and peace, then the Singularity has the potential to do both.

-Jeremiah Bilas

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James McLean Ledford said...

Right on Brother! (They choose to ignore)
James McLean Ledford
author of

James McLean Ledford said...

I love it!

Jeremiah Bilas said...

Thanks Mr Ledford.  I am checking out your work right now, interesting stuff.

Matthew Bailey said...

I wrote an article for H+ Magazine a few months before this Blog Post where I posited that, although the Singularity is NOT a Religion, that there are a GREAT many people who use/treat it as such (specifically as a Proxy for Theistic Religion).

I will need to read this article again, as I did not follow some of the segways too well.

But to make a comment.

To those who call themselves "Singulatarian," they are probably, unconsciously at the very least, treating the Singularity as if it were/is a religion.

If they are people who go around asking "What is a sign/Show me a sing of the Singularity." Or "When will the Singularity be?"

As if it was going to occur at precisely 8:45am, June 13, 2035, and they will have just woken up, and are walking past their living room window that morning and glance out to see the streets full of androids and terminators (where the day before had been much like it is today), then they will run around the house screaming "Everybody get up. The Singularity is here! You don't want to miss the Singularity!"

To these people... The Singularity is the Rapture they have been waiting for.