Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Destruction of Unwanted Space/Time (working title)


I want to discuss the destruction of unwanted space/time.
As an unstable minded (at times) person myself, I can understand the demons which can be in one's mind. For me, I have conquered them enough to stand proud, but I can imagine them taking over in others.
These are problems in space/time/consciousness. Those moments when you desire oblivion. They have to be destroyed, those terrible moments.

We live in a universe of many dimensions and many of possibilities, possibly infinite. Unless, my imagination of it actually goes beyond this universe's "infinite" possibilities. But it doesn't matter if my imagination is greater than This universe, or not, there may be another non-local place out there that does match, and even goes beyond. Thought based realities are REAL-ities.

So possibilities exists, and yet they don't exist. Imagine the common portrayal of the 4th dimension as an individual person being a long snake like object, starting at our birth and ending at our death. This concept imagines time as an illusion.

To me, it is like a wave goes through reality. Which makes a lot of sense considering String Theory and everything being made of "waves of information". It starts with time, and a point in space meeting another point by the law of attraction. A line is formed. This is the straight line, example: ---------------------------- and it is eventually unsettled by waves, which create the next 2nd spacial dimension this is the wavy line
example: /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

In the above text based line examples, it is evident that the straight line digitally and conceptually is continual, undisturbed. Now, the wavy line shows the most basic base 2 wave. It is a base 2 number system reality also in a state of tranquility, symmetry.

These increased dimensions and increased complexity apparently arise naturally in our universe, but us conscious beings add even more complexity to our universe. So consciousness pushes our universe into further complexity. But I alos have a hunch that complexity evolves "naturally", even evolving the universe's basic laws. This view has been embraced by Terrance McKenna and Kevin Kelly.

The waves eventually evolve to go over its base number rule, and eventually wave out into a 3rd Spacial dimension.
We can imagine through crude examples expanding up to the 10th dimension in the video Understanding the 10th Dimension.

So we will evaporate the bad spots of reality, those areas which don't comfort consciousness. They can be ANYWHERE your mind can imagine. But how can we cut through a reality that is laden with individual units of consciousness? Answer: Very intricately, it will take future precision comparable to todays' electron microscopes, manipulating one atom at a time.

The reality will be deliberately erased in designated spots, leaving holes in it. We can imagine this in 3D in a round of swiss cheese, the holes are empty spots in its' reality.

If this could happen as a natural wave, it would be incredibly destructive, perhaps THAT is a quantum fluctuation. A quantum fluctuation occurring naturally would take MANY MANY cosmological decades. In an un-domesticated universe equivalent to ours, statistically these would almost always occur once the universe has decayed completely from entropy. Quantum fluctuations are just that unlikely.

So FAR into the perceived future, We will be traveling these roads of higher reality, deeper realities. and alien realities (conscious and not).

So what the hell wins out?! Existing, or not existing? hm.
The old "To Be, Or Not To Be." catch phrase really is very deep, and modern still.
I am going to side with existence, because consciousness does exist to a degree and desires to solidify its' existence.

top image: detail of painting by John Volanin

-Jermiah Bilas


Ashley said...

Every atom that exists has its own plane of existence- we just perceive 'it', the atom, to be 'located' at a certain point in time-space. These planes exist simultaneously with 'our perception of reality', and through our understanding of perception, atoms seem separate and having their own reactions to other forms of atoms. However, this is an illusion, considering the planes of pure existence coincide all at once. This is why consciousness and perception matter greatly as we continuously create our own reality- imagination being the limit. Therefore, imagining putting 'holes' in a plane of existence is like imagining putting holes in a ship when we want to the ship to cease existing in our perception reality. Rather, I believe we must cling to the acceptance of another plane in order to phase out the undesirable plane. This happens, for example, with humans as they overcome sadness by trusting the process of accepting and becoming stronger in the possibilities of happiness in themselves, and thus eventually in their own lives. The concept of 'holes' as we understand them connote instability- and when speaking of holes in the known universe, that could be either catastrophic or simply incongruous to the desired effect of 'purging' the 'unwanted- for it is only 'unwanted' in our conglomerate mix of planes we call reality. I believe we are like chefs, and though every ingredient does exist somewhere, we choose the ingredients that are needed to make our 'reality soup'- but we must hold to the innate truth of all matters, be thoughtful, disciplined, and unbiased in our choices. We reap what we sew, after all.

Jeremiah Bilas said...

Ashley, thank you for a brilliant reply!
You bring up a good point in what I believe you are alluding to; quantum super position.However, this article stretches the boundaries of my imagination of infinity. The realities I talk about are somewhat non-local reality concepts, and in this article I treat our current perceived local universe's space/time as being one.  If we were to evaporate spots of space/time in our local reality, it may as you point out, be catastrophic.  For these instances, we may format those spots, erasing all retrievable information.  Solving the problem of leaving an empty hole, by leaving formatted space instead.  So its left with a filler of sorts, not a hole.
But I digress, the non-local nature, and the unfathomable levels of consciousness to perform such tailoring are on the boundaries of imagination. It is perhaps too confining to get wrapped up in the technical talk at this point in consciousness.
Either way, I believe consciousness will mold its reality to its desire into infinity.  If, as you said, we rather need to abandon this plane of existence to escape undesirables, that is fine with me. So long as consciousness improves its comfort levels.
Thank you again for insightful commenting. It was a pleasure revisiting this "working" concept.
-Jeremiah Bilas
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Ashley said...

Everything, known and unknown, is made up of both Potential and Action. These things keep the natural universe stable and complete. To go around 'reformatting' pieces of a natural force of existence could mutilate it to an undesirable outcome. It's like trying to control your own spirit when it has its own control 'system'. Belief is the strongest weapon we as humans have. Finding out and accepting the truth of oneself, and oneself in relation to everything else, brings a sort of peace most everyone is looking for. That understanding brings one to their place of potential, and the will of action taken, positive, negative, or neutral, is completely up to them. The 'abandonment' is really just a 'closing out the perception of' a plane of existence. Nothing can harm you if you won't let it. Simple as that. Know yourself. Believe yourself. Then believe in yourself. Success is relative.. one always succeeds by one's personally accepted standards.