Wednesday, December 1, 2010

eReader Shakedown So Far....

Who is leading in the latest sales of devices for eReaders?

In an article in macrumors, a research firm, ChangeWave, was cited as having come out with a new survey of early-adopters and professionals, concerning their eBook reading habits.  The Amazon Kindle, which had a big lead in sales in summer, has dropped from 62% to 47%.  The Apple iPad, which only had 16% share of the eBook market, now has risen to 32%.  The Branes & Noble Nook has only a 4% share of eBooks sold.  This is of course only apply to the readers of ChangeWave, but they are made up of the trendsetters.

Another questions was posed to the readership as to their future buying intentions within the next 90 days.  The iPad led again with 42% stating they intended to purchase an iPad.  33% saying they intended to purchase a Kindle and the rest of the eReaders dropped down very low.  You can see the graphs below.

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