Thursday, December 2, 2010

Blackberry Users Access the Web More Than iPhone Users?

A new report shows that Blackberry Users are getting more page hits through their web browsers than iPhone or Android Users?  Can this be true?  If so, why?

It would be very odd to hear that the Blackberrys are getting more page hits on the web than other smart phones.  This is because the browser on most Blackberrys leaves much to be desired.  The browsing experience on an Android or iPhone is much more conducive to searching the web.

So what can explain this phenomena?  We obtained this information from an article posted today at  Here are the facts: 
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The Blackberry has increased its share of the web sites to 34.3% as compared to Apple's 33% or Android's 23.8%.  Ingrid Lunden, cites as one of the possible explanations of this phenomena that the Blackberry is providing an overall better user experience than either the iPhone or the Android platform.  Does this make sense?  Does anyone that you know prefer the Blackberry web browser over that of the iPhone or Android?  Unless one owns a Blackberry Storm, the browser experience on the average Blackberry is very limited.  They are not viewed as multimedia machines by their owners, but as business machines for email.  Have we not all met Blackberry owners who were given the phone for business, but, would tell you they wish they had an iPhone?  We have.

She cites another reason as to why the Blackberry numbers might be higher.  It might be because the iPhone users are using their apps through a wifi connection rather than a mobile connection when they access the web.  This would not show in the results.  This makes sense and this is the only possible alternative of the two.  But this points to much more significant transition that is occurring.  There is a shift occurring from computers to mobile devices.  And this shift to mobile devices, is changing the way people look for information on the Internet.  Is the traditional search engine, like Google remain the way that people look for and find information on the web?  For Google's sake we hope so, since a change like, in searches, would affect their core business of advertising through their search engine.  We will write about this shift more in the future.

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