Saturday, July 22, 2017

TOP 10 trippiest Vive VR experiences

Spirit Realm
This is a list of cyberdelic VR experiences for the HTC Vive. None of these are games, and they should be used responsibly.  

You can download these experiences on Steam unless otherwise noted.

10. best synesthesia: Hot Sugar Presents the Melody of Dust

Let's call this one a weird music discovery experience. Stoner rock heads must check out Mountain Mind, appropriately subtitled, A Weird Headbang Experience.

9. best video: Surge

This digital evolution fantasy is a beautiful thing. Short empowering music video.

8. best sandbox: Boxplosion

Hundreds of boxes exploding right in front of your face. Combine this psychedelic particle sandbox with your own music. DNV also made Dimensional Intersection, a VR audio visualizer. Neither pictures nor video do it justice.

7. best bad trip: Directionless

Directionless will trip you in unique ways. If you're into odd horror, also see The Cubicle..

6. best chill out: L U N E

Here comes the pleasant come down. The Lune literally comes down and washes over you. Cabbibo has many other psychedelic experience worth checking out free at .

5. best closed-eye visuals emulator: Spirit Realm

Very deep trip. Awesome while it lasts. I really want to see more like this.

4. best prehistory: The Muybridge Mausoleum

Archaic Revival! MM feels very earthy. I give it 5 dried grams.

3. best outer space: Irrational Exuberance: Prologue
Dramatically hatch into a stunning universe. Also see Spacetours VR, and zone out in our solar system.

2. best museum: Museum of GIF Art
Museums translate very well to VR. Dali 17 (currently not available on Steam) and Eye of the Owl are naturally surreal, and would fit perfectly on this list, but MoGA takes our museum top spot due to the museum's cyclical layout which parallels the nature of a GIF. Very meta indeed.

1. best pareidolia: Blortasia
So zen. Everything looks like running paint. The lost continent of Blortasia is yours to explore.

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