Monday, February 20, 2012

Global Future 2045 International Congress 2/17-20/2012 Part 1

In February 17-20, 2012 in Moscow the Eurasian Center for Big history & System Forecasting, in the Institute of Oriental Studies & the Russian Academy of Sciences will sponsor its first initiative dealing with Cognitive sciences, robotics and modeling of living systems.
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The goals of this three day conference are listed:
  1. Presenting the newest developments in the fields of cognitive sciences robotics, and modeling of living systems
  2. Evaluating the potential for transforming planetary in light of the rapid pace of technological development
  3. Analyzing possible scenarios for the development of civilization in the context of new concepts regarding universal history, of "Big History"
  4. Discussing strategic problems arising in a dynamically changing world and the potential for the appearance of a global or cosmic mode of thinking
The featured speakers are:
  1. Raymond Kurzweil“The Acceleration of Technology in the 21st Century: the Impact on Business, the Economy, and Society”
  2. Mikhail Veller“A man in the system of Energoevolutionism”
  3. Danila Medvedev - "The Possibility of Building a Utopia"
  4. Maksim Kalashnikov - "Singularity - 2045 or a New Dark Age"
  5. Craig Benjamin - "Building a Synthesis of Scientific Theories & Spiritual Traditions in the University Undergraduate Classroom"
  6. Viktor Petrenko - "Psycho-practices as the Key to Cosmic Consciousness"
  7. Dmitri Bulatov - "Tehcno-Biological Art: The New Condition of the Living"
  8. Pavel Luksha - "Education in the Future"
  9. Lazar Puhalo - "Models of Reality as Sources of Conflict"
  10. Dmitry Strebkov - "Projects for Energy Resources Today"
  11. Joseph Voros - "Macro-Prospection: Thinking about the future using macro-and Big History"
  12. Alexander Lvovsky - "Quantum Technologies and Singularity"
  13. Alexander Frolov - "Cybernetic Medicine in the Present and Future"
  14. Andrey Korotaev - "Global Technological Transformations and Global Future"
  15. Alexander Kaplan - "The Integration of the Human Brain Into Control Systems for Anthropomorphic Devices Using Brain-Computer Interface Technology"
  16. Sergey Enikolopov - "Ideology of Immortality: Psychological Aspect"
  17. David Hookes - The Realization of our Species-Being in the Quantum-Digital Age"
  18. Alexander Panov - "The Singularity of Evolution and the Future of Fundamental Science"
  19. John Smart - "The Race to Inner Space: Seeing, Guiding and Benefiting from Humanity's Faster, Smaller, Smarter and Wealthier Future"
  20. Akop Nazaretyan - Big History as an Instrument for Strategic Forecasting: Problems at the Middle of the 21st Century"
  21. Swami Vishnudevananda Giri Ji Maharaj - Transcendental Transhumanism as the Probable Future of Mankind"
  22. Lowell Gustafson - "Religion in the Age of Human Politics"
  23. Leonid Grinin - "Global Technological Transformations and Global Future"
  24. Alexander Galushkin - "The State and Potential Development of Robotics and Control Systems"
  25. Sergey Pereslegin - "Contemporary Version Of the Phase Model: Mainstream Technology Behind The Phase Barrier"
  26. Fred Spier - "Big History and the Future of Humanity"
  27. Barry Rodrigue - "Manifesto for a New Millenium"
  28. Randal Koene - "The Engineering Challenge to Make Minds Substrate-Independent via Whole Brain Emulation withint our Lifetimes"
We will be covering specific addresses of these eminent men in forthcoming articles in the series.

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