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Culturomics: Time Wave Zero, Web Bot & Predictions 3a

Terrence McKenna's Time Wave Zero, and the Web bot - were they precursors to Culturomics?

It can truly be said that we are living in the age of the algorithm.  More and more of the world is being controlled by these digitized mathematical formulas, which seek to see the world as numerical relationships and assumptions.  We highly doubt this trend can be stopped and we are not certain that we would want to anyway.

Within this trend, men have been trying to unravel patterns to human behavior, not only individually, but in groups, nations, ethnic status or anything other classification that can reveal a view we have never seen before.

As we have said before, the first man we know of to have visualized this approach was Isaac Asimov with his concept of The Prime Radiant.  But the first man to put software together and construct an actual program to read the history of the past towards an understanding of the future was Terrence McKenna.

Time Wave Zero
This is not the first time we have spoken of Terrence McKenna,1 who we regard as a visionary.  He, in association with , formulated a mathematical model to trace the past great moments in human history, but even more importantly, the future coming ones.  We will let McKenna explain his model,
Our model is, first, an effort to trace the logic of these experiences in terms relevant to the molecular levels where the experimental superconductive intercalation of harmine may have taken place.  The content of our experience has resolved itself into the logical consequences that from from the "revealed" axiom that all phenomena are at root constellated by a waveform that is the hierarchical summation of its constituent parts, morphogenetic patterns related to those in DNA.2
"If only a fraction of McKenna's thought is true, he will someday be regarded as the Copernicus of consciousness" Richard Gehr, Omega Man Village Voice, 1992

McKenna continues by saying,
We argue that the theory of the hyperspatial nature of superconductive bonds, and the experiment we devised to test that theory, yielded ... a modular wave-hierarchy theory of the nature of time that we have been able to construe, using a particular mathematical treatment of the I Ching, into a general theory of systems, which illuminates the nature of time and organism and provides an idea model which explains the interconnection of physical and psychological phenomena from the submolecular to the macrocosmic level.3
To the average reader this language may be rather difficult. Many are not very acquainted with the iChing, which first started McKenna on this quest.  We think this is an example where McKenna can explain this better himself in a "live" fashion thought video.  We strongly recommend that you watch these videos.  In one of the interviews McKenna mentions singularitarians and notes with interest the many areas of concurrence between his views and theirs.  Of course, McKenna sees something very significan happening at the end of 2012.  He does not however sees it as some massive destruction to human civilization.  If you cannot see the embedded videos, here is the link:

McKenna model does not attempt to monitor the world's conversations, through western news services as Leetaru's model does.  McKenna's system is more mystical, more internalized in the human DNA.  If you watched the videos you would understand what we mean.  If not, you will still remain in confusion (go back and watch them!).  The Time Wave Software, still available for sale (requires Windows), was designed by Peter Meyer from 1986-1999.  Meyer's explanation of McKenna's Time Wave Theory may shock some,
This software illustrates Terence McKenna's theory of time, history and the end of history as first described in the book 'The Invisible Landscape' by him and his brother Dennis, and more recently in his 'The Archaic Revival' (HarperSanFrancisco, 1992) The theory of Timewave Zero was revealed to Terence by an alien intelligence following a bizarre, quasi-psychedelic experiment conducted in the Amazon jungle in Colombia in 1971. Inspired by this influence Terence was instructed in certain transformations of numbers derived from the King Wen sequence of I Ching hexagrams. This led eventually to a rigorous mathematical description of what Terence calls the timewave, which correlates time and history with the ebb and flow of novelty, which is intrinsic to the structure of time and hence of the temporal universe. A peculiarity of this correlation is that at a certain point a singularity is reached which is the end of history - or at least is a transition to a supra-historical order in which our ordinary conceptions of our world will be radically transformed. The best current estimate for the date of this point is December 21, 2012 CE, the winter solstice of that year and also the end of the current era in the Maya calendar.4
Meyer goes on to speak about the fractal nature of the time wave,
A remarkable quality of the timewave is that it is a fractal. Once a part of the wave is displayed the software allows you to expand any smaller part (down to 92 minutes). This usually reveals a complexity of structure which persists however much the wave is magnified, a property typical of fractals. The idea that time has a fractal structure (in contrast to the Newtonian conception of time as pure, unstructured duration) is a major departure from the common view of the nature of time and physical reality. That time is a fractal may be the reason why fractals occur in Nature.5
The time wave can be seen from a vast amount of time outwards to 4.5 billion years or zoomed into to as a little a time period as 92 minutes.6  Meyer also discusses the concept of "resonance" in McKenna's Time Wave Theory, which marks periods of "habit" where not much change is happening to periods of "novelty," where immense changes are happening to the world and human society.
An interesting part of the theory is the assertion of historical periods 'in resonance' with each other. Resonantly we have (in 1993) emerged from the fall of the Roman empire and are well into the transitional period known historically as the Dark Ages. The software permits graphical display of different regions of the timewave that are in resonance with each other. This allows the period 1945 - 2012 to be interpreted as a resonance of the period 2293 BC - 2012 CE. New in this version is the ability to graph trigrammatic resonances in addition to the major resonances, and to construct a sequential set of eleven trigrammatic resonances. There is a new appendix concerning some recent mathematical results.
If you wish to see the users manual we include it for your perusal.Terence McKenna & Peter Meyer - Time Wave Zero Guide (compiled/archived by galaxy5111)

In the second part of this last installment of this series, we shall discuss the Web Bot computer model for predicting future events.

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