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The World Is Pregnant: (1/3) Meet, Merge, and Repeat

This exclusive 3 part series explores collective consciousness, sex, technology, and philosophy which all leads up to a conclusion so profound you may never look at social networking the same way again.

Lets begin with our personal take on a question so large its almost a joke to ask; What is the meaning of life? To us, the meaning must tackle all significant aspects of reality and consciousness. It must be Darwinian, yet still touch on the ultimate wishes of humanity (which are echoed in religion). It must be a simple equation, like E=MC², but it can’t be an unconscious mathematical equation, rather a simple phrase. It is where we have always been going, and on a cosmic scale will inevitably continue. Its cerebral, with a hint of love. The meaning of life is to Meet, Merge, and Repeat.
"Even the subjective nature will be gained through a complete merger of consciousness, because the only way to truly know someone, is to literally become them."

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We can see this trend repeating when reflecting back on the path we’ve traveled thus far. Our abilities to meet and connect with one another has caused problems in the past. In earlier times if you were different, it meant we could enslave you like an animal, but now we are coming to terms with the fact that we are all human. Sure things aren’t perfect, and some of you may still have a pessimistic vision of war, greed and discrimination, but the big picture presents a wonderful, ever increasingly optimistic picture. For as long as we can trace back, IQ and life expectancy have been rising, while poverty and violence are diminishing. Even with the horrors of modern warfare, terrorism and corporate greed, the global picture ever improves. Virtually all our problems today will be cured via technology in time, even environmental worries. Solar power is projected to be cheaper than coal power in just 2 years. Worried about over population due to radical life extension? Well, we won’t stay biological for long, and we won’t stay confined to just this planet either.

So we are meeting, in person and via technology. With greater exposure to other cultures, we are slowly but surely moving towards a one world mentality. The next phase is a complete merger. Famed futurist Ray Kurzweil best expressed the trend of merging in The Singularity Is Nears’ first chapter; The Six Epochs. Kurzweil charts out how ever increasing complexity of information rises to greater order of information at an ever increasing rate; from atoms, to DNA, to single celled life, to multi cellular life, to brains, to technology. He then predicts a merging of technology and brains in Epoch 5 and finishes in the 6th Epoch when “The Universe Wakes Up.”

Meeting of Two Worlds
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So first we Meet, wether it be two atoms meeting to form a molecule, or two super intelligences encountering one another on the high seas of reality. The next phase is to Merge. When it comes to intelligence, a merge is mutually beneficial. All conflicts of interest will be absolved with a merge, and all of their knowledge will be mutually gained. Even their subjective nature will be gained through a complete merger of consciousness, because the only way to truly know someone, is to literally become them. Then what is left to do? Repeat. With a little imagination we can foresee our mastery of reality marching on as we continue to offer mutually beneficial merging with other conscious entities. Perhaps our power will become so great we will be able to rewrite the rules of reality itself, similar to a quantum fluctuation, but controlled. With such power reality could be rewritten to accomodate consciousness better, and produce a more pleasurable reality for consciousness. we believe we will continue this trek to master and know all, and even leap back to capture those conscious entities that didn’t make it. Bringing them into the collective consciousness would feel like heaven, perpetually increasingly wonderful, forever.
Merging Galaxies
Assuming existence is infinite (in possibilities or actualized) the Meet, Merge and Repeat cycle has no foreseeable end.

Part 2 of this series will explain how we are merging with all of human knowledge and why we are almost at the end of sexual reproduction as we know it.

Second Thoughts:
Some may say, a super intelligence would not come back for such primitive conscious entities. Well, first, all of us individually are conscious experiences that are of unique value. Second all life is goal driven, even a brainless plant reaches for the sun. Life needs a goal. Stagnant states suffer entropy. Without a goal it would stagnate and die. If it reaches all of its’ own goals, perhaps it would be forced to look back and see what rational goals it failed to achieve in previous states. When it comes to humans the most popular ultimate goal would be to reach heaven. Even if that sounds to an atheist unspeakably impossible, to an intelligence that has mastered reality, heaven would be achievable. And if you think there just isn't enough time to master reality, let alone time travel, then I suggest you consider how far we’ve come with just our biological brains. We have so many cosmological decades ahead of us that this universe is still an infant.

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Jeremiah Bilas
(Part 2 Sex and Knowledge)

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