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Terence McKenna: Time Wave Theory 3a

McKenna explains his theory of how the future can be predicted using his Time Wave Theory software.
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Time Wave Theory
In the Amazon, all was chaos and mythic revelation.  But, I knew that you couldn't bring that back as a scientific theory and my bias has always been towards science.  Out of these many intuitions and revelations, I discerned a thread, which was about time.

It began with a conversation with this logos entity where it said to me, "did you know every day is composed of four other days?"  And I said no.  Not only didn't I know that, it's never occurred to me, what a bizarre idea.

(Who was this logos entity?  We are not sure of course, but McKenna seems to speak of it more in other places.  In his Camden Center Talk, McKenna seems to be speak of the logos as a personification of language.  He states:
...I saw a swirling, floral mandorla form behind my closed eyelids, and as I moved toward this mandorla, I realised I was going to penetrate beyond it, and I burst through into a kind of other-dimensional superspace, and I had expected a kind of instant psychoanalysis or perhaps swirling colours or moving geometric plains of light, perhaps a dancing canary or little candies doing two steps in a row - this is what's called hypnogogia in the medical literature, and it is essentially trivial hallucination. Instead, what happened was there was an encounter with what can only be described as an elf hive, a colony of self-transforming, hyperdimensional machine creatures that came bounding forward with joyful squeaks to dribble themselves like self-transforming jewelled basketballs on the floor in front of me, and I was dumbstruck with amazement....what they were doing and how they were communicating was by generating, through their songs, objects, so that what I was surrounded by was a crowd of diminutive, self-transforming blobs of intentionalised ectoplasmic material, and they were producing out of their bodies objects which looked like Faberge eggs or exquisitely tooled machines made of ivory glass and gemstone that were themselves undergoing some kind of transformation, emitting musical sounds, condensing liquid metal out of the air and causing it to rain down on us.
Well, my reaction to this was to go into a kind of shock of amazement and, you is beyond your imagining - even when you're looking at it, you attempt to pour the salutory waters of description over these transdimensional objects and it runs, language runs off them like water off a duck's back. And the emotional content of this kind of encounter is tremendously intense. These things are attempting to communicate a new dispensation of the logos. They are holding out the possibility that language need not be processed by the ears, that language can become, under certain radical situations of neurological perturbation, visible, that literally the word condenses into visible space, and they were urging me to do this. They were urging me to experiment with my voice and I discovered years later, taking Ayahuasca in the Amazon jungles, tribes of Indians that have actually mastered this art, and that saturate their bodies with DMT and harmaline, and then sing. But for them this singing is not a musical exercise, it's a pictorial exercise. They see what they intend. This is a kind of telepathy. Well, it's humbling, it's transformative, it's astonishing to realise that Shamans all over the world for time uncountable have been accessing this appalling, complex, ontologically challenging, scientifically impossible, reality. This means that culturally we are living out some kind of schizophrenic delusion, because we live our lives totally ignorant of these possibilities, or perhaps only glimpsing them at the edge of anaesthesia, or something like that...
His communication of this experience is very similar to the recent statements by Graham Hancock in regards to the origins of this new book Entangled.  We include a recorded talk by McKenna on his apparent first encounter with logos.  If you cannot see the embedded video, here is the link:

This idea then of a time being a resonance created by other times, not immediately being before or after it as in scientific causality, but somehow a day centuries ago, a day centuries in the future come together to create an interference pattern that creates the unique moment.  So that was one of the basic assumptions.  The structure on which all this was hung was the I Ching, which may seem exotic to American and European audiences, but which, of course, is as familiar to anyone in Chinese society as the Declaration of Independence is to us.

(We include here a video from the history channel, which explains McKenna's view of how the I Ching understood time.  It needs to made clear that McKenna did not believe that 2012 would lead to a doomsday scenario.  We include several videos by McKenna, as well as one attempted debunking of his Time Wave Theory.  One viewer of the debunking video commented:
It perplexes me how someone aware of Terence McKenna's work could be so ignorant and assuming. Saying words with emphasis, 'selectively quoiting' someone, and inserting your subjective opinions [and Time magazine's, are you kidding me?] on historical novelty does not render any of your conclusions true. This video is laughable and doesn't even address the fractal nature of the timewave zero graph; i suggest actually reading The Invisible Landscape to anyone interested in the actual process used.
If you cannot see the embedded video here is the link:

What is the I Ching?  It's a very ancient method of divining and predicting the future, based on the idea that every moment can be symbolized by a unique ideogram, which is somehow it's essence, much in the way that science thinks you can explain all nature with 108 elements, the ancient Chinese took the position that time itself was made of elements.

(For those who may be interested in understanding how the I Ching works, we provide a procedural video.  If you cannot see the embedded video, here is the link:  It might be interesting to note that the both the flags of South Korea and Vietnam are built on the hexagrams of the I Ching.)

My style of thinking is scientific enough that if I were to say to somebody I propose a revolution in physics based on what I know about an ancient Chinese divinatory system, that would seem foolish to me, it seems occult, it seems unscientific.  Why should a Chinese book of divination hold any insight whatsoever for modern physics?

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