Friday, January 14, 2011

Michio Kaku And The Intelligence Revolution 3

This is a continuation of the series Intelligence Revolution by Michio Kaku on the BBC.
And here is the rest of it.

Wei-Min Shen
Dr. Wei-Min Shen is director of the Polymorphic Robotics Laboratory, as well as Associate Director of the University of Southern California's Center for Robotic and Embedded Systems.  He is the inventor of SuperBot, a co-inventor of CONRO and the inventor of hormone-inspired distributed and decentralized control for self reconfigurable systems.  Here is an example os SuperBot.  The whole point of this SuperBot is that it can learn and make decisions for itself as to how it should move and how it fits into its surroundings.  These are all traits of conscious beings.  If you cannot see the embedded video here is the link:

This brings us to the transhumanist theme - that these robots are catching up to us.  It seems only a matter of time before they attain our level and then surpass us.  Even Kaku admits this possibility.

Tomaso Poggio is a founding member of the McGovern Eugene McDermott Institute for
Tomaso Poggio, MIT
 Brain Research as well as professor of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory as well as director of the Center for Biological and Computational Learning at MIT.  He is doing extensive research in how machines can recognize visual patterns and audio patterns into things that make sense like the human brain does.  IF you wish an extensive lecture by professor Poggio on this subject we have included one.  IF you cannot see the embedded video here is the link:  His lecture begins at 3:26.

Here is the link for Kaku's Intelligence Revolution Part 2:

Here is the link for the embedded video for Kaku's Intelligence Revolution Part 3:

Here is the link for the embedded video Kaku's Intelligence Revolution Part 4:

In our final segment of this series we will discuss brain implants and how they are transforming us into cyborgs. Stay tuned.

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