Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Michio Kaku And The Intelligence Revolution 1

Physicist Michio Kaku teams up with the BBC to produce a wonderful documentary of his vision for the future.

We will list some added sources to supplement this wonderful series of videos.

The future is not as predictable as most people think.  Most think the progress will be linear.  But according to Paul Saffo, the progress is much more S shaped.  As he states, "...we routinely overestimate the short-term change and underestimate the long-term change."

People Mentioned in these Videos
Paul Saffo
Paul Saffo - Saffo is an important member of the Long Now Foundation, a non-profit organization that seeks to make humanity think in long spans of time, as opposed to short term thinking.  In this connection it is working on the design of a clock which will keep accurate time for 10,000 years.  Here is a video on it.  If you cannot see this video here is the link:

Tele Immersion
Philip Rosedale, Second Life
This technology which seeks to create a 3D virtual world where two or more people can interact with a virtual room and virtual objects is being researched at the University of California Berkeley.  Tele Immersion is similar to technologies that have been around for a while such as Second Life.  Second Life is a service where people go online and create their own Avatars, or graphic images of people who represent them and act out all kinds of scenarios in a virtual city that they create along with millions of others.  For those not acquainted with Second Life here is a video demo of it make by the Second Life people.  Second Life has created an entire universe with banks, cities, schools, movie theaters, homes, transportation, businesses, and even embassies of real countries!  Some have become millionaires from producing products used in this online virtual world.  Second Life is owned by Linden Lab based in San Francisco.  Linden Lab was founded by Philip Rosedale.  If you cannot see this embedded video, here is the link:

Of course the ultimate "second life" is what the TV show Star Trek Next Generation had - a holodeck.  If you cannot see this embedded video here is the link:

In part of this series, we will continue with Michio Kaku's technologies and personalities. Meanwhile here is part 1 of Kaku's series The Intelligence Explosion.  If you cannot see the embedded video, go here:

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