Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Glory That Was Xerox 2

This is rare video of a demo done by Doug Engelbart in 1968 which shows some of the things in computing we take for granted first used.

These are very technical videos but they are truly innovative.  It shows how Xerox could have had it all, if they had seen the vision.  This demo was done at Stanford Augmentation Research Center.  Almost 1,000 computer specialists attended, and it was the first public debut of the mouse.  He also pioneered hypertext, object addressing and dynamic file linking.

first computer mouse

first laser printer produced by Xerox

Here is a segment from the film entitled, Pirates of Silicon Valley.  It dramatizes the way Xerox lost an empire to Apple.  In case you cannot see the embedded video please go to this link:

Here are some videos of the Xerox Star User Interface in 1982. It predated any graphic user interface from Apple first pre-macintosh computer which was a failure called the Apple Lisa.  If you cannot see the embedded videos here is the link:

Here are the videos of the 1968 demo by Doug Engelbart. They are very technical, but very informative. If you cannot see the embedded videos here is the link:

Xerox had it all. They could have been an empire. But they could not see the vision. Apple did.

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