Tuesday, December 28, 2010

We Guess The Kindle Survived the iPad Attack

Many believed that the iPad would crush the Kindle and other eReaders once it was released.  This has NOT happened.
Apparently, according to Amazon, the Kindle 3 is the highest selling item in Amazon's history.

Amazon sold over 8 million Kindles year.  It shipped it to over 178 countries.  According to Amazon, many of those who purchased the Kindle also owned an iPad.  This disproves the idea that most people see the iPad as a replacement for the Kindle or the other way around.  There are reasons for why The Kindle 3 has not only survived, but flourished with the iPad.

The Kindle was never designed to compete with the iPad.
There are many differences between the Kindle and the iPad.  Most people see the Kindles' screen as a definite disadvantage when compared to the iPad's beautiful color LCD screen.  It is not a disadvantage at all.  IT is one of its strongpoints actually.  Amazon has kept its audience for the Kindle in focus.  The Kindle is NOT a multipurpose device.  It is designed to compete with paper books.  For this kind of competition it requires a special screen that does not tire the eyes after long periods of reading.  Reading a magazine or newspaper is not considered extensive reading.

The Kindle screen was designed to be able to read in direct sunlight.  Try that with an iPad, the color Nook or a cell phone.  The more light that hits the e-ink screen on the Kindle, the clearer the text looks.

The battery life on a Kindle vastly surpasses the battery life on an iPad.  Why?  The screen.  You can read on your Kindle for days instead of hours.   If you turn off the wi-fi or 3G screen antenna, it might last you weeks without recharging.

The Kindle is MUCH cheaper than an iPad.  For those who do not need 3G connection at all times, the Wi-Fi Kindle is only $139.  You could buy two of them for the price of the cheapest iPad.

The Kindle is just a device to get at the ebook.  The eBook is has become an independent entity from the Kindle device.  You can read any Amazon eBook on an iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac, Blackberry or Android phone.  This cannot be said of Apple's eBooks.  They are only available on the iPad or iPhone.

In our opinion, Amazon offers the best eBook store on the market.  We think that Amazon (a web 2.0 company that did not exist before the Internet) is wiser at handling the new paradigms the Internet brings with it than even Apple.

Amazon still leads the pack in the digital book market. Whether it will adjust to the coming avalanche of "vooks" is another matter.  We think that the vook is just an excuse for publishers to justify the added expense of their materials.  We might be wrong.  But this is our present thought.  But it does not matter,  Amazon will survive vooks and all other innovations in the near future.

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