Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Amazon Web App And You're Done

Amazon's new web app is everything Google's web app should have been.

Yesterday Google announced its ebookstore.  This store offers over 3 million books.  We suspect a lot of people expected Google to be a trendsetter in this area and were disappointed as we were with its features, or better said lack of features.  Amazon, masterfully timed an announcement for today for its new web based bookstore.

Features of Amazon Web App

1.  You can share portions of the ebook on a website or with friends.  Here is an example from Amazon's test site:

If the reader wishes to purchase the book, they simply click on the "Get Kindle Edition" button.  Already one sees the elegance and planning that went into the design of this web app.  It is far superior in look and feel to Google's attempt.

2.  You can synchronize your web reading site with all your other devices you have the regular Kindle App installed on.  So if you have started reading a book on your iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, Android, Blackberry or Windows 7 phone, you can pick right where you left off on your web app book.

3.  You can bookmark precisely where you left off reading which aids you greatly if you are reading multiple books.  This is only what we have come to expect as one of the essential advantages of reading a book electronically.

4.  You can annotate and highlight passages from the book.  This makes very useful for research.

Library View Amazon Web App
5.  You can copy and paste highlights to any application for the sharing or pertinent passages in a book.

6.  You will be able to share portions of the books that you highlight to social sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.  This is the future of all communications. It is essential to have this feature.

See These Pages:

These features now put Amazon squarely ahead of Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Google.  Amazon and you're done!


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