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Nikola Tesla....

The true father of the world's electrical systems.  A dreamer, a visionary, reckless, spirited, always looking for money.  Did he discover s source of free energy for the world?

"Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine." Nikola Tesla

Inventor of the radio, radar, the telephone before Graham Bell, Tesla has a very long list of accomplishments.  It is safe to say that without Nikola Tesla, the electrical world we live in would not exist.  Far more then Thomas Edison, he influenced our modern world.  If we would have adopted Edison's model of direct current, we have never been able to electrify the United States.  This genius made so many discoveries in regards to electricity that it is hard to conceive life without his work.  Yet he died penniless and forgotten, at the age of 86, in room 3327 of the New Yorker Hotel, on January 7th, 1943.  We have included a eulogy, in his memory, given by the then mayor of New York, Fiorello LaGuardia, with a picture of his room, as it would have looked in 1943.

 Here is a list of his inventions:

1.   Commutator for Dynamo Electric Machines 1888
2.  Regulator for Dynamo Electric Machines 1888
3.  Electric Arc Lamp 1888
4.  Dynamo Electric Machines 1888
5.  Electro-magnetic motor 1888
6.  System of Electrical Distribution 1888
7.  Electrical Transmission of Power 1888
8.  Method of Converting and Distributing Electric Currents 1888
9.  Commutator for Dynamo Electric Machines 1888
10. System of Electrical Distribution 1889
11. Regulator for Alternate Current Motors 1889
12. Thermo Magnetic Motor 1889
13. Method of Operating Electro Magnetic Motors 1889
14. Method of Obtaining Direct Current from Alternating Currents 1889
15. Pyromagneto Electric Generator 1890
16. Alternating Current Electro-Magnetic Motor 1890
17. Electrical Transformer Or Induction Device 1890
18. Electrical Meter 1891
19. Electric Incandescent Lamp 1891
20. Electrical Condenser 1891
21. Electrical Conductor 1894
22. Reciprocating Engine 1893
There are just some of the patents he filed.  For a total number go here.  He filed over 111 patents.

 We will assume that you will watch all the videos since this will assure that you have a complete picture of things.  We will not discuss things that are mentioned in the videos, unless they are very critical to the idea of this article.  Here is an introduction, from the History Channel on Nikola Tesla.

Free Energy
Did Tesla believe that he could produce free energy for the entire world?  Did he think that he could send that energy without wires to any point of the globe?  The answer is yes.  He stated that,
It is quite possible that no such wire-motors, as they might be called, could be operated by conduction through the rarefied air at considerable distances.  Alternating currents, especially of high frequencies, pass with astonoshing freedom through even slightly rarefied gases.  The upper strata of air are rarefied.  To reach a number of miles out into space requires the overcoming of difficulties of a merely mechanical nature.  There is no doubt that with the enormous potentials obtainable by the use of high frequencies and oil insulation, luminous discharges might be passed through many miles of rarefied air, that b thus directing the energy of many hundreds of thousands of horsepower, motors, or lamps might be operated at considerable distance from stationary sources.
He went on to say something even more startling.
We shall have no need to transmit power at all.  Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point of the universe.  This is not novel...We wind it in the delightful myth of Antaeus, who derives power from the earth; we find it among the subtle speculations of your splendid mathematicians...Throughout space there is energy.  Is this energy static or kinetic?  If static, our hopes are in vain; if kinetic - and this we know it is, for certain - then it is a mere question of time when men till succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature.
Antaeus & Hercules Wrestling
How could Tesla have possibly believed that such a wonderful scenario for mankind would be supported by the capitalists of his day such as J.P. Morgan? If the energy was free, and could be taken from any place on Earthy by anyone, there would no way to charge for it.  Thus, J.P. Morgan withdrew his support from the most critical test of this idea by Tesla - his massive tower at Wardenclyffe, Long Island.  Tesla, without funding, eventually sold the tower for scrap, about $1,700.  
a computer rendering of
Wardenclyffe tower as it
might have looked if it
would have been finished
As has been explained in the videos in this article, Tesla first started his work on wireless electricity in Colorado.  To visitors arriving in his Colorado facility he demonstrated bulbs which would light themselves in thin air, receiving electricity wirelessly.  He would stick bulbs in the ground which would light up by themselves.  All this to prove to the skeptics that wireless free electrical power was not only possible, but inevitable.  We will not involve ourselves in a technical explanation of how Tesla conceived doing this.  There is a fairly detailed explanation of how Tesla proposed to send electricity wirelessly to any point on Earth here.  Many exist.

Particle Beam Weapon
There has been speculation that Tesla was working on a "particle beam weapon" or as he also called it a, "death ray."  It was related to this wireless transfer of electricity.  He viewed the weapon as primarily defensive in nature, but understood that it could be easily converted to an offensive weapon.  He described to newspapers like the New York Times.  In July 11, 1934, Tesla granted an interview to the New York Herald Tribune that ended with a headline reading, Beam To Kill Army At 200 Miles, Tesla's Claim on 78th Birthday.   He stated that this weapon was capable:
...of destroying an army 200 miles away; it can bring down an airplane like a duck on the wing, and it can penetrate all but the most enormous thicknesses of armor plate. Since it must be generated at stationary power plants by machines which involve four electrical devices of the most revolutionary sort, Dr. Tesla considers it almost wholly a defensive weapon. In peace times, he says, the beam will also be used to transmit immense voltages of power over distances limited only by the curvature of the earth.
He further said that such a weapon could create "...a frontier wall, impenetrable and extending up to the limits of the atmosphere of the earth.  Should you launch an attach covered by these beams, should you say, send in 10,000 planes or an army of a million, the planes would be brought down instantly and the army destroyed."
He goes on to say that the plane is,
thus absolutely eliminated as a weapon; it is confined to commerce.  And a country's whole frontier can be protected by one of the plants producing these beams every 200 miles.  Nor should they be much more costly than an ordinary power plant...the beam of force itself, as Dr. Tesla described it, is a concentrated current - it need be no thicker than a pencil of microscopic particles moving t several hundred times the speed of artillery projectiles.  The machine into which Dr. Tesla combines his four devices is, in reality, a sort of electrical gun... As Dr. Tesla explained it, the tremendous speed of the particles will give them their destruction-dealing qualities.  All but the thickest armored surfaces confronting them would be melted through in an instant by the heat generated in the concussion.
In an interview in the Magazine Liberty of February 1937, he again spoke this "wall of protection."  Some have said that he gave part of the plans to Great Britain, the United States, Germany and the Soviet Union to force them to have to work together to produce this wall of protection.  We cannot confirm this statement.  

From a manuscript entitled, Tesla's Egg of Columbus, Radar Stealth, the Torsion Tensor, and the "Philadelphia Experiment, by Drs. K.L. Corum, J.F. Corum and J.F.X. Daum, we get this fascinating information.  When Tesla died, in January of 1943, the FBI sent agents to make sure that no information of national importance to the war effort could fall into enemy hands.  They did not search through Tesla's scientific papers, but the Office of Alien Property obtained access to them, even though Tesla had already become an American citizen.  John G. Trump was appointed to search through Tesla's papers for any research that could affect the war effort.  He was at that time, an electrical engineer in the employment of the National Defense Research Committee of the Office of Scientific Research and Development (OSRD), headed by a Vannevar Bush (the grandfather of the last President Bush).  Even though Trump stated that the Tesla's papers were primarily of "...speculative, philosophical, and a somewhat promotional character...," nevertheless these "speculative" papers were taken to Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio and became part of a project named "Nick," which was heavily funded to test the feasibility of Tesla's concepts.**  In 1952 Tesla's remaining papers were release to Sava Kosanovic and returned to Belgrade, Yugoslavia, for a museum that was being built in Tesla's honor.  Although, western scientists, did not have access to Tesla's papers during the cold war, Soviet scientists had extensive access.  This access, supposedly produced extensive research on their par,t and led, to weapons that used his principles.  There have been "missing papers" of Tesla which have been searched for to no avail.  Even though according to an FBI report Tesla claimed to have finished all the research for such a weapon, to date, "officially," the United States government, has not been able to produce such a weapon.  Would they tell us if they had?

Earthquake Machine
Tesla tells a fascinating story behind this invention.  It is found in an interview down with him on his birthday in 1935 and quoted in the The New York World Telegram of July 11, 1935 entitled, Nikola Tesla, at 79, Uses Earth to Transmit Signals: Expects to have $100,000,000 within Two Years:
He said, among other things, that he expects to have $100,000,000 within two years, and he revealed that an earthquake which drew police and ambulances to the region of his laboratory at 48 E. Houston St. in 188.7 or 1888 was the result of a little machine he was experimenting with at that time which "you could put in your overcoat pocket."  The bewildered newspapermen pounced upon this as at least one thing they could understand and "the father of modern electricity" told what had happened as follows: -  "I was experimenting with vibrations. I had one of my machines going and I wanted to see if I could get it in tune with the vibration of the building. I put it up notch after notch. There was a peculiar cracking sound. "I asked my assistants where did the sound come from. They did not know. I put the machine up a few more notches. There was a louder cracking sound. I knew I was approaching the vibration of the steel building. I pushed the machine a little higher.  "Suddenly all the heavy machinery in the place was flying around. I grabbed a hammer and broke the machine. The building would have been down about our ears in another few minutes. Outside in the street there was pandemonium. The police and ambulances arrived. I told my assistants to say nothing. We told the police it must have been an earthquake. That's all they ever knew about it."
Mythbusters in 2006 did a show where they tested a facsimile of this machine with interesting results.  Even though in the end they did not think it worked exactly as Tesla described, it did work.  However, some have said that modern bridges are built with different resonances just to avoid this kind of disaster. For a nice explanation read this article.

Tesla genius cannot be overstated.  The fact that he died penniless and forgotten, is a shame to our country.  He became an American citizen, and he gave the United States, all the technology we needed to be a superpower.  Yet his last lab, in Long Island,  is still undergoing obstacles being declared a National Landmark.  LaGuardia was right in his eulogy - Tesla still lives!


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