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Machines Controlled By The Human Mind Part 1....

Is it possible to control machines with just our thoughts?  Is it possible for a machine to control OUR thoughts?
In 2009, the History Channel produced a series titled, That's Impossible.  One of them dealt with the issue of Mind Control. 

Project Pandora
During World War II, radar operators reported hearing clicking sounds when working near radar transponders.  After World War II, during the Cold War, a neuroscientist, Allen H. Frey studied this phenomena and was the first to publish it, garnering for himself the title "Frey effect" for this discovery.  The first of three papers published by him came out in 1962, titled, Human auditory system response to modulated electronic energy.  
Using extremely low average power densities of electromagnetic energy, the perception of sounds was induced in normal and deaf humans. The effect was induced several hundred feet from the antenna the instant the transmitter was turned on, and is a function of carrier frequency and modulation.
In 1967, Frey published another paper entitled, Brain stem evoked responses associated with low-intensity pulsed UHF energy.  In 1975, another neuropsychologist named, Don R. Justesen, published a paper titled, Microwaves and Behavior. Justesen was able to make further progress into translating these clicks into discernible speech.  He ran into a problem which he described in his paper of 1975:
Although pulsed carrier modulation can induce a subjective sensation for simple tones, it severely distorts the complex waveforms of speech, as has been confirmed experimentally.  The presence of this kind of distortion has prevented the click process for the encoding of intelligible speech. An example is provided by AM sampled data modulation.  Upon demodulation the perceived speech signal has some of the envelope characteristics of an audio signal. Consequently a message can be recognized as speech when a listener is pre-advised that speech has been sent. However, if the listener does not know the content of the message, the audio signal is unintelligible. The attempt to use the click process to encode speech has been based on the assumption that if simple tones can be encoded, speech can be encoded as well, but this is not so. A simple tone can contain several distortions and still be perceived as a tone whereas the same degree of distortion applied to speech renders it unintelligible.
Justensen patented for the Air Force an "RF to Acoustic Demodulator" which in his words would:
...provide a novel technique for the intelligible encoding of signals. A related object is to provide for the intelligible encoding of speech.  Another object of the invention is to make use of the Radio Frequency ("RF") Hearing Effect in the intelligible demodulation of encoded signals, including speech.  Still another object of the invention is to suitably encode a pulsed RF carrier with an amplitude modulated ("AM") envelope such that the modulation will be intelligibly demodulated by means of the RF Hearing Effect. A related object is to permit a message to be identified and understood as speech when a listener does not know beforehand that the message is speech. 
Justensen concludes his 1975 paper with these words:
Communication of more complex words and of sentences was not attempted because the averaged densities of energy required to transmit longer messages would approach the current 10 milliwatts per square centimeter limit of safe exposure. The capability of communicating directly with a human being by "receiverless radio" has obvious potentialities both within and without the clinic. But the hotly debated and unresolved question of how much microwave radiation a human being can safely be exposed to will probably forestall applications within the near future.
The weaponization of these discoveries was investigated by the American govenment in the 1990s.  It was observed that certain frequencies when used on animals could either reduce or increase aggression.  It was also observed that:
Microwave hearing may be useful to provide a disruptive condition to a person not aware of the technology. Not only might it be disruptive to the sense of hearing, it could be psychologically devastating if one suddenly heard "voices within one's head.
In 2008, a non-lethal weapon was produced named, Medusa (Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio).  It is manufactured by Sierra Nevada Corporation, although we could not find confirmation of this on their website.  According to Wired, the developer of the device, Dr. Lev Sadvonik, imagined other uses for this weapon:
There are health risks, he notes. But the biggest issue from the microwave weapon is not the radiation. It’s the risk of brain damage from the high-intensity shockwave created by the microwave pulse.  Clearly, much more research is needed on this effect at the sort of power levels that Dr. Sadovnik is proposing. But if it does prove hazardous, that does not mean an end to weapons research in this area: a device that delivered a lethal shockwave inside the target’s skull might make an effective death ray.  Dr. Sadovnik also makes the intriguing suggestion that, instead of being used at high power to create an intolerable noise, it might be used at low power to produce a whisper that was too quiet to perceive consciously but might be able to subconsciously influence someone. The directional beam could be used for targeted messages, such as in-store promotions. Sadovnik even suggests subliminal advertising, beaming information that is not consciously heard (a notion also spotted on the US Army’s voice-to-skull page).
This is a discovery channel video on LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device).  It has apparently been deployed in Iraq.

These hypersonic sound devices that can pinpoint sound waves as if they were lasers, will have many applications, including a new term called neuromarketing.  So people will be targeted with messages as they walk by an ad which only they will hear.  Eventually, these messages will be targeted to them by name and buying habits.  Much like in the film Minority Report. If you cannot see the embedded video, here is the link:

"Voice of God" Military Scenarios
According to some reports, the United States military has deployed these LRAD weapons in Iraq to feign the "voice of God" to insurgents.  In some reports, it was accompanied by holograms to frighten them.  The sounds of helicopters was also projected to insurgents to make them flee.

All of these techniques can be used not only to suggest information to people but to influence them.  The same technology can also be used to "read" minds.  This video speaks about attempts to read the minds of people.  There is a whole new field called the "civil rights of the mind," where, laws will need to be passed to protect people from having their minds scanned without their consent.  Clive Thompson in a fascinating article in Wired Magazine states:
We think of our brains as the ultimate private sanctuary, a zone where other people can't intrude without our knowledge or permission. But its boundaries are gradually eroding. Hypersonic sound is just a portent of what's coming, one of a host of emerging technologies aimed at tapping into our heads. These tools raise a fascinating, and queasy, new ethical question: Do we have a right to "mental privacy"?**

The Present & Future of Mind-Reading Technology
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In our next part we will continue with the history of mind control techniques developed in the United States and elsewhere.


Amaterasu Solar said...

To be frank, I have been waiting to see a Human/machine interface for a long time, and, as with much of the technology that is beginning to trickle out, I ask...what took it so long?

I note that You focus on weaponization and machines controlling Us, rather than the glorious implications such as the ability to keep an eye on Our property when We are away merely by making mental contact, to instruct a robot to clean the bathroom merely by thinking it...

Neither of the two things would be an issue if We had no need for money.  Without the need for money (accomplished readily through overunity), We all become equals, with power over Self and no Others.

The key to eliminating the need for money is combining overunity with robots doing the necessary things (like cleaning the bathroom) no One wants to do.  And since I know that overunity is a reality suppressed by the moneyed elite...I know We can create a reality far better and less threatening than the one We live in now.

I contend that Human energy is better spent spreading awareness of the overunity tech, electrogravitics being the best choice as it is non-polluting and negentropic so that We can apply this technology to Out benefit and not be concerned about "weaponization," which only adds to fear but does nothing constructive.

Since My goal it to raise awareness to the tipping point that We have, within Our power NOW, the ability to make this planet over into a place where poverty, hunger, war, secrecy, and inequality are banished, I offer a link to My petition to release the tech of electrogravitics: 

Thank You for this opportunity to give My impressions and thoughts about this article.

Joshua Conwell said...

It is just amazing how the knowledge of our senses can be used to develop new products and even to gain advantage in the battlefield.

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