Thursday, November 25, 2010

Internet Censorship Around the World Part 7 Syria...

How bad is it for bloggers in Syria?

What is happening in Syria, in regards to bloggers, is happening in many other countries.  For the first time, more Internet journalists are being arrested than traditional journalists.

This is the current situation in Syria.  Watch this video:

Tal Al-Molouhi
Tal is 19 years old, not yet having graduated High School.  She was arrested December of 2009.  Her computer was confiscated.  Since her arrest, neither her family, or anyone else, outside the Syrian security forces, has seen her.  Her mother, has written letters to President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, pleading for her release.  The Syrian government, has made no comments about her whereabouts, trial, or release.   She was accused, of being an American spy, hired to spy on Syrian.  Why would Americans hire a 19 yr. old girl to spy for them, and what kind of information she could get, was not answered by Syrian authorities.  There are recent reports surfacing, that she was tortured to death.  You may read her blog here.  It is fascinating, that it has not been removed.  It is in Arabic, but may be easily translated with Google translator.

Raghdah Sa’id Hassan
She is a Syrian writer, who was arrested in February, 2010.  The charges placed against her are, "weakening national sentiments," and broadcasting false or exaggerated news which could affect the morale of the country."  In April she was taken before the Military Prosecutor in Homs, north of Damascus.  If convicted, she could serve three years in prison. She had just finished a novel, on human rights and corruption in Syria.  She was also suspected of belonging to human rights groups.  She received several visits from Syrian security asking her to sign a statement stating she would not publish her book, which she refused.  She suffers from kidney stones and had been in severe pain, due to lack of medications.  She has not been granted a visit to any medical facility.

We are certain that there are many more people who have been imprisoned for use of the Internet in a non-approved manner, by the government.  Information is very hard to obtain. This is the best we could do.


syrianprotester123 said...

omg this is absolutely horrendous! I really think the government of syria have not a clue what their doing! I do not understand what they are playing at! :o

Honey Andrade said...

Wtf... These people have clearly lost their minds!!!!