Friday, October 8, 2010

What We Still Don't Know - movie

How similar is our very existence to a simple game invented in 1970? Srik Narayanan's documentary What We Still Don't Know draws startling comparisons which will shake you to your core. Is the universe we live in a large genetic algorithm designed to create something of interest? What are the limits of human intelligence and how will we surpass those limits? How could our universe be so "fine tuned"? What We Still Don't Know asks such hard questions and some of the answers are very hard to digest. Full movies is posted at the bottom on this blog. Sit back, open your mind, your might want to roll a joint of Spice for this one...

Martin Rees
Cosmologist and Astrophysicist
Brilliantly hosts What We Still Don't Know. Outspoken on the future of humanity he is "a concerned member of the human race".

John Conway

Invented the Game of Life in 1970, a cellular automata with simple rules based on; life, death, and reproduction. Conway suggests our in our own universe complexity may arise out of a rather simple set of rules.

Nick Bostrom
Philosopher and Transhumanist

Has stated planets, life, and entire galaxies may be simulated and that it is very likely we are existing in such a simulation.

Michael Hofman
In studying the brains of primates he has concluded that the human brain has reached biological limits of intelligence, and that a larger brain would actually decrease in processing power.

Leonard Susskind
Theoretical Physicist
widely considered a father of string theory

Max Tegmark
In his Ultimate Ensemble Theory of Everything he states ...self-aware substructures will subjectively perceive themselves as existing in a physically "real" world.

What We Still Don't Know

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