Friday, October 1, 2010

Mozilla Seabird "Concept Phone"...

Here is an excellent concept phone by famed designer Billy May.  Do you like it?  Read about it!

Mozilla Labs launched their Concept Series in July of 2009 many designs for future devices or software have been suggested.  In 2009 Mr. May submitted an Open Web Concept Phone.  In this blog, you can see Mr. May's slowly developing thought about the materials and the role of the future smart phone.  We have always believed that all devices will eventually be mobile.  The laptop although widely used is already outdated.  All is shrinking.

An Overview of this concept phone is as follows:
The Mozilla Seabird, part of the Mozilla Labs’ Concept Series, is an experiment in how users might interact with their mobile content as devices and technology advances. Drawing on insights culled from the Mozilla community through the project’s blog, a focus quickly developed around frustrating physical interactions. While mobile CPUs, connectivity and development platforms begin approaching that of desktops, the lagging ability to efficiently input information has grown ever more pronounced.
This picture will visualize a possible solution to this problem on small mobile devices.
Of course there are some problems with tapping on a desk which provides no tactile response to the fingers like a regular keyboard would. It is the same problems that some encounter typing on a screen.

This is a visualization of how the phone might work on a dock similar to a netbook environment.
Finally here is a video that was made by Mr. May with this object in motion. Enjoy!
I do not think there is any question that many people would love a phone like this! We need to encourage companies to take the chances on these concepts as opposed to the same true and tried BORING designs and interfaces!


Anonymous said...

When is this supposed to come out? I must have one!

Adam said...

it's a very cool concept, but i'm not really sure how it would work. i see that it can project a keyboard, but i don't see how it will acknowledge someone pressing keys.

Anonymous said...

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