Sunday, October 3, 2010

Live Forever. Start Now.

Many of us singularitarians see radical life extension happening in our lifetimes. Life expectancy is increasing every year right now, but at the current rate its not enough to escape death... When we can add one year of life expectancy every year then we have arrived at the actuarial escape velocity. Some futurists including the World Future Society have predicted that we will arrive at the actuarial escape velocity by 2025.

Lets look to optimistic futurist Ray Kurzweil for inspiration. While there are currently no guarantees in health, he isn’t leaving anything to chance. At age 35 he was diagnosed with glucose intolerance, an early form of type II diabetes. He immediately implemented an aggressive regimen of supplements along with a healthy diet, low impact exercises, plenty of sleep and reduction of stress. Today he claims these have contributed to his biological age being diagnosed 10 years younger than his current chronological age, and with no signs of diabetes.

Ray Kurzweil and Doctor Terry Grossman published the fantastic book last year Transcend:
Nine Steps to Living Well Forever. After reading this book almost a year ago I was inspired to make a few changes in my own life. While not quite as extreme as Kurzweil who takes 150 pills a day I take 10 pills a day. My regime is based on recommendations out of Transcend along with my 23andMe DNA profile which has located some potential pitfalls in my genes. I recommend everyone take a two-a-day multivitamin and a fish oil, plus calcium for women. For further supplementation you should consult your doctor, but do some research of you own. I can tell you from personal experience that not all doctors understand the historical exponential nature of medical technology and are more likely to take a defeatist attitude towards aging.

Ray Kuzweil and Dr Grossman also have a supplement website; I find them to have the best resveratrol and phospatidylcholine, plus some great health information is freely avalable there too. Swallowing a few pills everyday is the easy part. The exercise, avoidance of stress, and strict diet parts are a little harder to maintain consistently, especially when life throws us a curveball.

Centenarians are quite common today. My aunt just turned 99 a few days ago. She still walks unaided and is mentally alert. In the book Liberation Biology: The Scientific and Moral Case for the Biotech Revolution Ronald Bailey explains how the first radical life extension revolution occurred; when humans first formed communities that cared for the elderly this allowed them to reach old age. Human beings and the animals we care for are the only life that experiences old age. The 2nd life extension revolution is dawning upon us now. Not just to age gracefully, but to stop and even reverse the aging process.

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