Monday, September 20, 2010

Why Facebook WILL Build an Android Phone...

Facebook Phone?
Recent reports began to surface 19 hours ago that Facebook was working on building a phone. Despite denials, it is obvious they are.  Why?

There are several reasons.  Look at the its competitors.
Apple has its own hardware with its own iOS4 which is designed to work very well with their music-applications-TV show-movie database called iTunes. As well as their cloud based service called

 Google has a similar setup. They have their own OS Android. For now, they allow others to make the hardware, although do not forget, that they first attempted to make their own Google Phone, which they gave their employees.  They have their own software cloud structure to work hand in hand with that OS i.e., all the google services. They are already moving into ebooks and could easily move into the movie, TV show and music market if they wished.

Microsoft has has a similar though for now with less lackluster.  They have Windows Mobile OS for their phones, they allow others to make the hardware FOR NOW.  They have Bing and Windows Live which is their answer to Google Services and they also have a (poor by comparison) service for the purchase of music. No doubt, they will expand and improve it in the future, when their other priorities are handled.

So why not Facebook?  As I have said in previous posts.  Facebook has the MOST important part of any of these things - the people, over 500,000,000 worldwide.  They have a host of applications already widely used.  This phone would complete their setup, since, I would count Facebook as their massive web cloud.


Adam said...

It's a very interesting point, but one could argue that companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft are more technology linked companies. Apple and Microsoft develop computer hardware and software. And Google develops software, but even before that they have patented numerous other technological advancements such as their uniquely designed search engine, google earth, etc. Though Facebook, is a technology based company, they are not necessarily breaking new ground. I would even go as far as calling them a Myspace 2.0. As far as I know, Facebook has never been responsible for any type technological advancement, so why would they start now? Though it's a novel idea, I'm not sure I agree, especially since facebook has denied any interest in developing an OS.

Anonymous said...

The way I see it, why wouldn't Facebook make phones. Companies are like viruses; they start small, in one place, grow stronger and spread out. If they don't then they die out. Google didn't start by making phones. Apple didn't begin with electronic book readers. And Microsoft was extremely late getting into the world of web based programs. They all saw other companies being successful in these respective spots and jumped at the opportunity to join the game. Besides, most college kids and teens go straight to Facebook FIRST when logging into their computer. And most, if not all phones now have the ability to get on line. So why shouldn't Facebook take matters into their own hands?

Adam said...

Google started off creating software and apple and microsoft started off making hardware and sodtware and to this day all of those companies are still doing the same thing. Though they have been able to keep up with the demands of the masses, they are still doing what they know. Where as facebook has no experience in mobile world, besides creating facebook apps (which aren't all that great). To put it into another context, McDonald's is a massive corporatioon. Though they may compete with other fast food chains such as Burger King, Wendy's, etc., I would be very surprised to see them make a fancy sit-down restaurant just because they know nothing about that would and that type of business. The same goes with facebook, I think they will continue to compete with Myspace, Twitter, or any other up-and-coming social networking site, but I don't think it would be wise to compete in the mobiel phone market.

PlusUltraTech said...

Adam that is not quite true. Microsoft originally did not make any hardware. They were strictly software. It was only later that they made the Zune and xbox. What computer have they made? Apple did both from the beginning because they wanted a closed system in which they could protect the user's experience. Now to me, Facebook has the thing that all the others ENVY. 500,000,000 DEVOTED followers. With that you can do anything and be assured of financial success. Just imagine if only 1% of their users bought a Facebook phone. What kind of sales would that be??