Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Google Insights reposted...

Can Google Insights predict winners and losers in business?
Google Insights has only been out since August 2008 yet it has made some confirmed some dramatic trends.  Like the Facebook chart since its inception.
Google Insights Facebook Growth since its inception

But things get more interesting when we compare sets of ideas or words.  Like for instance if we compare the battle between the iPhone or the Android phone in all its variations against each other.
iPhone is blue, Android is red Google Insights Comparison Chart

This helps us see the spikes in the interest in the iPhone (blue), on August of each year, when a new iPhone is released, as compared to the steady growth of Android (red). All things being the same, at some point in the future, this trend would imply that the Android will surpass the iPhone in sales.  But this trend becomes more dramatic if you search under the two operating systems, iOS4 and Android and then see the results.  They are staggering!  

iOS4 and Android Comparison Chart

Let's try some more searches.  Facebook and MySpace.  How is the interest there compared from 2005 to the present.
Facebook and MySpace Comparison Chart

We will try two more searches. First, we will compare Google Buzz and Twitter. 
Google Buzz and Twitter Comparison Chart

Second, we will add Facebook to the mix, which, both of these services, especially Buzz are trying to compete with.One picture is worth a thousand words!
Google Buzz Blue, Twitter Red, Facebook Orange

In case you are interested in doing this yourself follow this instructional video.

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