Thursday, September 30, 2010

Facebook and Skype a marriage made in heaven?

What does Skype get from this deal?  What does Facebook get?
The mighty empire Facebook has reached out again a short time after they said they were not interested in building a cell phone negotiating to buy Skype.  The picture makes it appear as if Skype is a very small company compared to Facebook.  This is not true of course.  Skype has at the present about 443,000,000 users.  At any one time there are at least 15,000,000 on it and about 42,000,000 who use it daily.  Skype accounted for 13% of all international call minutes for 2009.  Recently, Skype was sold back to a consortium of its original owners by eBay for 2.75 million dollars.  They were looking for a buyer.  Facebook is ideal.  In 2006 Skype introduced video conferencing which can support up to 25 total users.

Facebook has NO video conferencing.  It's chat mode is currently limited to other Facebook members.  Maybe Facebook does not want it shared with others, since, we suspect Facebook has plans to conquer the digital world.  So Facebook will get its video conferencing (watch out Apple with your FaceTime). 

 To us, there is no doubt that Facebook needs their own phone.  Why?  Because they like things in-house.  All their other services are based on their own web cloud.  They have no problem with taking things in from other services such as Twitter.  But except for sending out their own status messages (which only bring attention to their own application), they mostly keep things within the walls and towers of Facebook.  

So what does Skype get out of this?  They get security and stability from a company that seems to have limitless deep pockets from which to get cash.  What do you think?  Tell us!

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Anonymous said...

To a blackberry possibly, but not to my iPhone. However, if it could do everything my iphone could do, and offered as many cool, free apps, then possibly. Either way I love the idea of all this competition. It works out much better for the consumers.